Sunday, March 14, 2010


The joys of taper. Boring, slow, tired, miserable, etc. I am pumped for the LA marathon. Bring it on!

Saturday-Had a run planned but canned it on account of the HUUGE winds around here.
Sunday-Still windy, did 6 anyway....slow, difficult, and miserable. I am slowly getting my legs back....cancelled the bike ride too.

I am hoping my last post did not step on any toes. This is the way I see training.

Science (book stuff) + Experience = Performance

I am heavy on the science stuff. I have gained personal experience in the last few years as an endurance athlete and I have experience working with injured athletes. I do not have a lot of first hand training experience of higher level training and that is why I blog. To learn and interact with faster and more conditioned athletes than I get to interact with in person on a daily basis. If I have the opportunity to help someone out there and prevent injury or improve performance that is what I want to do. I was hoping for some discussion or questions that spawn healthier habits. Even if it is I who sees things differently.

“The end is never as satisfying as the journey. To have achieved everything but to have done so without integrity and excitement is to have achieved nothing.”

Dodger stadium here we come!!!


Karl Stutelberg said... calls for partly cloudy conditions with low of 50 and high of 69. Sounds like ideal conditions to me! We'll following closely! Enjoy every step!

Libby said...

GOOOOOODDDD Luck!! have a great race and enjoy your taper week. ignore the monkeys in your head and focus on all the work you've done and the positive results to come!

Chuck said...

Good luck to Julie and you!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Disregard my previous comment. Its going to be a warm one so hydrate early and wear light clothing. Keep yourself cool, and say hi to Manny for me.

Anonymous said...

kick ass my man!!