Sunday, December 19, 2010


I started this blog a long time ago as a way to keep a log of how I train, what I think, and as a way to observe other athletes. I am a passionate person and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I use this blog to show the good times and the bad times, to learn. In the range of time that is a year there are highs and lows. I am still confident, I am capable of doing anything I want to do but right now, I dont know what I want to do. I am in a lull because of a lack of direction. My life right now is quite stressful and training is not relieving stress. I realize that I had a very successful race season. I am proud of that. In the last few years I have rediscovered my competitive and physical life. I expect a lot out of myself. I am blessed to have the health, resources, and time to do the things I do. I could be more efficient with my time. Here is how my week went.

Tuesday-Ran 4.
Wednesday-Skipped a 7 miler to hang with my sick wife
Thursday-Ran 7 miles, finally a day without some blister pain
Saturday-Long Run of 20 miles. A rainy/windy start. Cold but not freezing. Karl was in town and really gave me a boost. He is funny because he is subtle enough to be nice and not subtle enough to get the message across. If he had the time to train that I have he would be an absolute machine. More than he is now. Thanks for the push. My race will not be this cold, hilly, or windy. A good confidence booster. I am hardly sore. My blisters are OK, not great. We ran 4 X 5 miles loops and this was a productive way to get a long run in.
Sunday (today)-Rest

I wrote an aggressive marathon schedule post silverman. I am up to date with minor glitches. I am holding onto these miles. I do need to get into the gym for strength training. I have been thinking about Crossfit. I got one of 2 20-plus mile runs in. Quote:

“No matter how far life pushes you down, no matter how much you hurt, you can always bounce back.”
Sheryl Swoopes

I wasnt that far down, I am not that hurt, and i will bounce wayyyy back.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kinda Lost...

There is something I have been struggling with. You see I seem kind of lost. In the last few years I have spent this time of year very wisely, this year not so much. Its not like I am wasting time or anything I just dont have a plan. My goals are not set so the path is not known. I am struggling with goals and an old problem of mine I have not thought about in a long time. In fact I forgot I had it. When I was a kid I was a real good baseball player. I thought my life was going in a baseball direction. I spent all of my waking hours watching videotape of me in the cage or my at-bats during the last game. I did not have the outcome I thought I was going to get. I was devastated where do I stand? What do I do? I was so jealous of the baseball players that went on to college and got drafted. I busted my ass to be less than good enough. My definition of good enough. I find myself back in this place. I am busting my ass and I am not measuring up. What should I be learning? Instead of a quote today I will place this excerpt my buddy Karl gave to me. This is kind of what I am thinking too.

"Every kid’s talent level is different. And their motivation level is a lot different. When I talk with kids, the biggest thing I stress with them is to be hungry for the sport and to enjoy the sport. That is the bottom line. And then if you are hungry to improve in the sport, you need to set a lot of short-term and long-term goals. You also have to set a lot of goals in between. Whenever I sign an autograph, I write, “Dream big,” because if you don’t set your goals to a little bit higher than you think you can accomplish, then you are never going to be reaching your full potential. Obviously, some people are going to be limited by what they can handle, but each runner needs to find that level of hard work that they can handle. It’s more than piling on a lot of miles, breaking down, and getting tired. Find that level that you can handle for a long time and consistently put in a lot of hard work. Whatever that level is, will pay off over time. You will see improvements. As you get older and stronger you will be able to increase that workload. You start to see results. You have to constantly stay motivated and constantly reach for that bigger goal that you have set for yourself."
--Chris Solinsky

I am seeing results and they are improvements. They just arent good enough. My struggle is between dreaming big, pushing myself hard, and finding my true potential. I am not in love with running right now. I am not getting the rush even though I am stronger. I ran 17 miles today and I was miserable. I was thinking too much and not running enough. My back is nearly 100%. Stretching doesnt do anything for it, but strength training does. Planks with alternating arms/legs, lower abs, figure 4 gluts, and kettle bells are bringing me back. Here is how my week went:

Tuesday-Run 4 miles. My blisters did not tolerate it but I fought through it.
Wednesday-Pushed a 5 mile run to sleep. I couldnt get out of bed.
Thursday-Ran 6 miles and fought myself the whole way. Got them in.
Friday-Rest, pushed a 5 mile run to sleep. Not very motivated.
Saturday-Ran 5 miles and basically got them in. Trend?
Sunday-Ran 17 miles for a weekend total of 22. I am glad I got them all in because I wasnt motivated but not happy about the results very slow.

I am on the clock now officially with the Surf City Marathon. Better get my stuff together before then.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Race of the Season-Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon

100% PR's this year. 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Full Marathon, sprint triathlon, olympic triathlon, and 1/2 Iron distance triathlon. All new marks to beat next year. It is interesting that each race was a PR and I am grateful for that, I did not reach my potential. I have some work to do. I have not finalized by race plans for next year. I have some confounding circumstances that do not allow for planning. Besides what do I want to do? I am signed up for the Surf City Marathon in Feb. After that? No idea...I need a shot at a 1/2 Iron that is not Silverman but which one? I dont know.

Las Vegas Half. Ya see, when I was sitting around years ago plotting my progression (like we can do that), I had this goal that I would break 2:00 on a half before I run a marathon. I signed up for LA last year before last years Vegas and I didnt beat it. Then I had surf city half, didnt beat it. So today? My chance to do that. Here I am signed up for another marathon and I have not reached the mark I set for myself. Today it was perfect conditions. Perfect weather, No wind, cool but not hot. NICE. A relatively flat course with perfect conditions=PR but not as fast as I wanted. Heard that before? Yeah my nemesis. After reviewing my splits I was around the time I wanted but not there. I finished in 2:03:30 a PR by 4 min or so. Here are my splits: 9:14, 9:15, 9:05, 9:12, 9:00, 9:00, 9:16, 9:30, 8:59, 9:53, 9:49, and 10:15, 1:44. Miles 11, 12, and 13 I was supposed to step up and get the average down below 9. Didnt happen. I pooped out, lol. Not only that but I had some gnarly blisters on the medial aspect of the 1st ray at the MTP. My back held up well. I almost ruined with an impromptu running in the staff/faculty 1 mile run at the UNLV track meet friday. I have to get my legs stronger. I have to get my core stronger. That is my goal for the next month. Run/lift. Here is how my week went:
Monday-Back "rehab"
Tuesday-Run 3 miles, stiff and sore. Never stopped me but didnt feel good.
Wednesday-Rest, sore but better. Running helped.
Thursday-Felt great. Ran 5 miles at 9:00 on the dot. I think I can do this sub 2 thing.
Friday-Roped into 1 mile run on the track. Didnt have a watch or idea where I was at time wise. I ran 7:21. I think my VDOT is going down.
Sunday (today)-Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon. QUOTE:

“Don't let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth - don't let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.”