Tuesday, February 24, 2009

offical TOTAL time...splints still to come

My official time was 1:28:16....When splits are available I will analyze them and post them.

Monday had a long day at work and had a sick wife. Postponed my ride. Today 750 meter swim in 18:57 in the am. Tonight a 2.18 in 20:18 a 9:36 ave. Felt some soreness today. Didnt know that was there. Then I played some softball. I plan on a 15 mile ride tomarrow.....swim/run thurs fly to OR and move my brother home then well see what the weekend holds as far as training goes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009



I can say I am officially a triathlete. What a learning experience it was. It was a low key race with mostly college kids as it was sponsored by UCSD. It was their first event of the season and for some of them it was their first race too.
I arrived at the race site early to scout. FIESTA ISLAND in mission bay, SD. Literally on the otherside of the bay from sea world. A short drive from the intersection of the 5 and the 8 highways in SD. What did I learn? The place they had listed as the start smelled HORRIBLE. Not like your typical beach smell. I found out later at transiton that they found a dead whale there. They had a huge "perimeter" set up where they burried this whale. They moved the swim to last years start. I decided not to swim it because of the smell and I wasnt checking in to the hotel for a quite a while. Saved my wife the misery of a car with me and that STENTCH. The technical corner I was warned about for the bike was a little challenge. The corner is down and a hard left with the crosswinds its easy to take it too wide. This part of the island is where the perform water ski jumping in the bay. Never seen that before. So I coasted the ride and noticed there was a lot of other coasters out there. I decide to cut it all short and head to movin shoes for packet pick up.
I arrived at packet pick-up to learn some interesting news. First the race didnt have the timing chips they ordered. It was then I let my anxiety go and I realized that this is a nice and easy way to do a race. I dont know these people or this place and I can put my training to the test. They also had to modify the race and change the run. The run was now on the dirt. I had just been by the race site scouting and I noticed there wasnt any dirt on the whole island--IT WAS MUD. wet mud too. The kind of mud that makes the jeep lose its control and I always seem to end up in it. So then I though oh boy should I trash my running shoes or should I get some trail runners? Got some trail runners. After packet pick up decided to try a few shops out and see if they had some tri jerseys for me. I found one that I will to work some more to get into. I have to drop more weight. Had a real nice dinner at a restaurant near the hotel in downtown SD.

I arrived at the start/transition about 4:30. I got my area set up in the dark and cold. As I am setting up I notice them setting up the buoys for the swim. Did I really swim that far in training? Is that 500 yards? Also noticed a person that looked familiar. Turns out parvity from survivor was a competitor. (she beat me too but then she won her division) There was a long walk to the start. I was in the 4th wave. The race starts and I let the more aggressive swimmers for a second or 2. Then I swim. As I sit here I dont remember the swim too much. I am swimming and looking around to not get smacked. Turns out I wasnt even touched once. I am spending too much time looking around and not enough time just swimming. I caught a bunch of people and the winners of the wave behind me caught me. I exited the water screaming my number as instructed. I transitioned to bike a little slow to protect me brain from the "fog." The place where most crashes occur. I think I was one of the fastest on the bike with a ridiulous bike. 5 and 10 thousand dollar bikes are literally FLYING past me. I was going about 20 miles per hour and they were passing me like I was standing still. I did my share of passing too. 3 laps around the island and on the 3rd lap is when I started to feel the fatigue. I transitioned to bike rather fast. Now onto the run, the most familiar of the 3 disciplines. I wanted a pace in the 8's. I couldnt keep my number on the belt. I struggled with it as I ran then decided just to hold it. I was about 3/4 of the way through the first mile when parvity ran past. I had to tie my shoe or I could have hanged with her. She made up the stagger. I passed some people here too. I wasnt happy about the first aid station to be out of water. Oh well. I dealt with out it. I saw a lot of people heading the other direction as me which means that I didnt finish last! What a funny thought. I finished with no soreness, no pain, and only just fatigue. 10 min later I was feeling great. I think the olympic distance is more of where Im at. Julie looked over the shoulder of the girl writing down times and it said 1:39. Which means if you subtract 12 min for the wave start then I finished in a about 1:27. Some 2 and a half minutes under my goal. The results will be available soon. All in all a good race. I picked up some details about transition that I didnt see as a spectator.

A funny story. One guy in the college race (the defending champion) broke his goggles 1 min before the start. He ran back to transion (3-4 minutes) and couldnt find anyone who had back up goggles. He did the swim without goggles, did the backstroke the whole time for fear of an infection from the water on his contacts, and still finished the race in 3rd place. He came out of the water 4-5 minutes behind. CRAZY! (more to come in the next few days)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

weather for satruday

Saturday 21

Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy

Precip: 0%
details details More clouds than sun. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the mid 50s


not as technical as karl but check this out anway

one last post before the race....

So Monday went to the pool and swam. 500 meters in 11:14. Some 8-9 min faster than my first 500 meter time trial. I am hoping for sub 15 min at the race. Tuesday easy run of 2.45 miles in 23:01 a 9:22 pace right before softball. I am going to run 3 miles tomorrow. I am shooting for sub 30 min 5k at my race on saturday. Tonight a 12.15 mile ride in 53:24 complete with hills and traffic lights. My goal is 45 min for the race. so altogether I am shooting for sub 1:30. With transitions may be difficult but thats my A goal. B goal 1:40 and C goal finish happy and healthy.

My plan is to work 3/4 day tomorrow, drive to Murrieta, Ca and hang with Julies cousins. Fri drive to race site and swim 5-10 min in the water, I want to feel it. Then ride a lap or 2 of the course to feel it. Then do a 5-10 min run just to feel it. I WANT TO FEEL IT. Then pick up my packet and do some shopping. Id like a new tri top. Something to make me feel good. Saturday kick ass. Sunday recover see how I feel. Drive home. DONE. quote:

The vision of a champion is a guy who is bent over, gasping for breath, dripping in sweat, when no one is watching.


my favorite quote of all time

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ready for tritonman.....

A good week. Busy busy and didnt get a chance to sit down and write the blog. So since last sunday here we go. Monday was freezing and had to stay in and ride the bike on the trainer. A 35 min "spinerval" workout that ended up being a threshold/interval kinda style ride that was difficult and ended up spinning another 20 min on the big ring. Tuesday started my two-a-days. Swam 750 meters in 19:39 with the gloves on in the am. Right before the swim I did some strength training Lats/back/RTC. Then 2 miles running before softball in 18 min or so. I forgot my watch. Then softball. Wednessday was scheduled to ride but had Wendys birthday dinner. Thursday another 750 m am swim with hypoxic breathing in 21:21. In the aft 3.14 miles in 29:06. Friday rest. Saturday big 810 yard swim open at Lake Mead in 19:47. Very cold and I had trouble with my breathing. Transitioned to the bike and about a mile into FLAT TIRE. Turns out last weeks glass was still lodged in the tire. Took it to the bike shop and swapped it out. Sunday big 16.64 mile ride including horizon ridge in 1:21:17. T2 3:05 then 5.5 mile run climbing some hills in 56:52. The first mile was 10% grade. Small taper this week. Here are this weeks totals:

Swam 2310 yards and 810 was open
Bike 18.6 miles plus 60 min on the trainer
Run 10.64 miles


I don't think you can ever will yourself to win. I think you prepare yourself the best you can, get yourself in the best mindset you can get in, and go after it!

Jack Nicklaus - Six-time winner of the Masters

IM READY. Im prepared. The distances, the disclines, the hardwork is in. What I dont know is the race specific stuff. What will be like to swim with all those people? Will I notice a difference in the swim in the ocean? What about riding with lots of people? It will be an experience. I am excited and prepared. Lets do it.....I wil be a TRITONMAN

Sunday, February 8, 2009

wet and cold day....not to mention the glass

Thursday, swam 18 laps 2 wu/2 cd...the other 14 were lung burners...one lap every third stroke an alternate breath, the next lap traditional and all 14 laps had gloves on. Read about a workout I will try next week "Fisting" closed fist and force the arms to pull. I was sick and I fought through the swim but I was pooped. FRI rest....Saturday straight 12 laps (13:48) in the pool then T1 to bike. 8 miles secondary to time but it was a familiar route that I shaved 12 min off. Rained the whole time and was cold. Then softball in the torential down pour. We only played 1 game. Today same cold and wet but no rain until later. I wanted to have a brick session today but some glass prevented that. I was about 8-9 miles into a awesome ride and a broken bottle was on the path as my tire sliced right through it. Could have been my first attempt at a flat change in the field but I didnt have my spare so I walked it back to the rondeveuz point about a 35 min walk then ran 4.16 miles. Didnt finish the ride, didnt get to see where this one trail goes and I didnt get to brick it. Oh well. Got the bike fixed and I even got my tool bag set on there to carry my spare tire so that is the last time that happens. Weekly total time:

swam a total of 2300 meters or 1.4 miles
Rode a total of 30.33 miles
Ran a total of 8.29 miles

More bike and more run this week while fighting off a cold. Way more miles than any of the schedules I was following more like an intermediate version of my first race. I found some new programs and I an going to steal ideas from each. So my weekly format is going to change a bit. Long ride on mondays, swim in the am on tue then run in the pm, another longer ride on wed, thurs am swim pm run, rest fri, open swim/ride on sat, brick on sunday. More riding and running in the weeks to come. I also modified my bike today by moving my seat 1 inch back to allow more "tuck" room. I am going to get some speen outa that bike. Must move fasta....quote:

"Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts."

Steve Prefontaine

This week took guts to get through...come on spring

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fighting off a cold.....

Monday went for a long ride while fight off a cold. I am ready for spring. 14.33 miles nice and easy in1:12:52. The traffic on a bike just messes you up. 12 min were wasted on lights or safe decisions. I dont feel a limit on the bike except I need to adopt a more aerodynamic position to go faster. AERObars are in the near future. Tue did the "group" swim thing. Thanks to Julie, Joni, and Wendy for knocking me about and impeding my swim. 2 lap warm-up, 12 restricted laps in 16 minutes flat, and then 2 calm laps. I was knocked off course, I was prevented from stroking clean, and I had to pass and be passed. It was a good experience. Today did a run of 4.13 miles in 39:19 an average of 9:31. Tried to go a little fast for longer. Tomarrow swim, fri rest, sat dont know but at least a swim/bike/softball.

The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that precedes the victory.

Karen Bliss Livingston – Elite road racer, captain of the Saturn cycling team

sounds about right when I feel like crap.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekly/monthly totals

wednessdays run was cold and miserable at 5:30 but I did it. 3 miles 29:40. I had plans on some intervals but It was all I could do to not go get cozy in the bed. Thursday had a great swim. 2 warm-up laps then 14 laps with the gloves on for all and every other lap was a right/left breath every 3 strokes. Cuts down on the number of breaths per length and is really hard on the lungs. No breaks during the 14 laps in 18 min. Then 2 cool down laps. Fri off. Saturday had an open water swim of about 500 yards then transition to bike then a 10 mile ride in 47:53 ave pace of 12.6 mph. It was on the river mountain loop trail right next to the lake heading n. Beautiful and fun and challanging. Played 2 softball games and next week is the last week thank god. Today a 9.23 mile bike ride on the river mountain loop trail starting at the railroad pass heading n, ave pace of 13 mph and then timed T2 of 4:55 and a 3 mile run with a few 12% grade hills on them and finished in 28:21 ave pace of 9:26. I had a slow T2 while I was kinda waiting for everyone to start our group run. totals are as follows:

swim 3050 yards and 500 of those open
bike 19 miles in 1:30:36 all on the river mountain loop trail
run 6 miles in 58:01
2 softball games and several strength training

Swam 12, 250 yards or 7.6 miles
bike 56 miles plus trainer and spin class
run 31.26 miles

What I was thinking is during my long run sessions for the next race (RAGE in the sage april 18, 2008) I will prepare for a half marathon. and for the half silverman I will include runs to prepare for phoenix rnr marathon. I mean if I have my runs up to 15-16 miles then 2 months I can get that mileage up to 20 ish. just add more running miles?

"Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the keys to my destiny." ---Elain Maxwell

bring it on.....