Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easily Influenced

Isnt it funny how we can be easily influenced? These last few days were riddled with other stuff affecting training. No excuses or hard feelings it just is what it is. Thursday was influenced by seeing TRANSFORMERS 2 with my brother. I am not ashamed to say I saw it 2 nights in a row. Its that good. So I slightly cut my intervals short on the bike trainer. 5 min warm-up (usually I do 10), 4 min on 4 min off X 4, 5 min cool down. This time in 1 higher gear than I should or whats comfortable.

Friday- Stayed out way too later with my brother and couldn't get up in the am. Pushed my threshold run to the evening and then when I got home had a much needed "discussion" with my wife. Got out late and was super hungry. I didn't realize until 1/2 mile into the threshold run that my legs were VERY sore from the trainer last night. It turned into a 3 mile recovery run that began as a 4 mile threshold run. Hmmmm funny how things change midstream.

Saturday- Wanted to get 1 1/2 hour ride in. I also wanted to see if how my speed is. So I did a 15 mile loop that I did 2 months ago...5 min faster! Then I went another 8 miles or so. 1:32:24, 23.74 miles ave 15.4 mph. My fastest ave yet. My next long ride will be Karl's 30 miler on his 30th birthday. I spent the rest of the day at my brother-in-Laws birthday BBQ. I didn't drink and I hardly was in the sun to preserve my energy for Sundays run. I did however eat really really good Hawaiian food. I didn't realize until later how much sugar I took in all day. I am sick to my stomach.

Today- 7 miles (actually 6.8 miles) I wanted to average 8:50-9:00 over this semi-hilly course. I knew it was going to be a challenge. Then when I woke up my stomach still was upset. I decided I was going to go for it anyway. Here are the splits: 9:03, 8:57, 8:52, 9:24, 9:45, 12:10, and 7:39 (0.77 mi). In the 4th and 5th mile there are 1/2 mile hills in each that I hoped to overcome and I got pooped. I felt like crap. I couldn't eat anything before and I didn't bring enough water. I actually drank a lot more water than I usually do too. Just one of those runs.

Next week will be normal until Thursday then a mini taper to be fresh for saturdays 5K. I am shooting for 24:50. 1 long swim, 1 short bike, and probably 2 recovery runs.

"I like running because it's a challenge. If you run hard, there's the pain - and you've got to work your way through the pain. You know, lately it seems all you hear is? Don't overdo it' and? Don't push yourself.' Well, I think that's a lot of bull. If you push the human body, it will respond."
- Bob Clarke, Philadelphia Flyers general manager, NHL Hall of Fame.

Happy Training!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The weather here in glorious Las Vegas is mostly what is heating up. I am waking up at 5ish to get out before the heat and about 6-6:30 it’s "very" hot. Also the training is beginning to heat up. I am beginning my approach to the Silverman half triathlon. Along the way I have a few mini-goals to reach. Chronologically here are the mini-goals I want to accomplish: 4th of July I have a 5K in Ca I want to PR in. I will be in CA for my best friend Karl's (his blog is attached to mine) 30th birthday when he is going to run 30 miles. I am going to ride my bike as support crew. Then I want to break the 2-hour mark at the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon in September. My half marathon PR. Shortly thereafter I am training to PR by hopefully 30 min in the Olympic distance triathlon at the Las Vegas triathlon as a tune-up for Silverman. Since we are setting goals how about the Rock and Roll Marathon Phoenix in January? Getting warm yet?
Also what is heating up is this blog thing. I have been blogging for a while and started to notice nobody is finding my blog. I began to read other blogs and found out this is a whole new world. I am digging reading other runners thoughts and training schedules and I am learning a lot. For the new readers to my blog my head is in science. I am a physical therapist and so is Karl (the 30 miler guy). We love the physiology of running and training. We are immersed in latest research and how it applies to running and running injuries. So we try to post some tid bits for our readers to build a network of SMART running. Believe it or not, all of these short-term goals all fit into my training schedule very nicely. I am concentrating on running speed for now so that when I am in triathlon mode I don’t have to worry about the run. Also the VO2 max associated with running is higher than biking (there isnt any info on swimmers VO2 max) so cardiovascularly the running offers transfer to biking but not vice versa. So I am improving overall fitness with speed training.
Tuesday cruised with a good recovery run 3 miles in 28:27, 9:29 pace, slow. Then softball that night.
Wednesday-Intervals.....1 mile warm-up at my slow 9:29 pace, 4 min on/4 min off X 4, then cool down. Here are the times: 7:31/10:24, 7:38/10:41, 7:42, 10:13, 7:29/11:22, 10:01 cool down. A total of 4.41 miles in 40:40 (thanks to good ole Garmin 305). My goal is 7:40 or better on the on and 9:30 on the off. Slow on the off but I have speed for the on.
Thursday-Bike intervals tonight on the trainer
Friday-Threshold run
Sat-long ride
Sun-long run...then I will post.

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or gazelle - when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."
- Inspirational sign on a runner's office wall

I just hope you get up before it’s too hot.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Recovery week....

My coach uncoached me into a recovery week. I only had 3 runs all week. 2 recovery runs and a long run. I did not concern myself with pace or anything just get some miles in.

I did however put the bike vs run VO2 max theory to test. If 4 running intervals are a bear for me then 4 biking intervals shouldnt be as hard. On the trainer I performed 10 min warm-up, 4 min on/off in a gear high enough that I was working at a perceived exhaustion of 7/8 out of 10, then 10 min cool down. I had little to no cardiovascular limit but my legs sure limited performance. I felt the increase in leg work. I did however also get a good swim in. I went 15 laps with gloves then 5 with out. Saturday I played in a softball tournament that we qualified for a "world" tournament. For sundays run I was quite sore but I wanted to get the miles in anyway. 7 miles in the wind. I think it was about an hour and 10-12 min of so. Slow, get em in.

Today I wanted to get a longer swim in then I have in a while. 25 laps or 1250 meters. Total 32:41. Here are my splits for every 250 meters or 5 laps. 6:12, 6:37, 6:38, 6:51, and 6:19. Rough average of 6:29. Id like under 6 for vegas and silverman. Back to speed this week.

"Running is a lot like life. Only 10 percent of it is exciting. 90 percent of it is slog and drudge."
- Dave Bedford, English distance runner who occasionally put in 200 miles a week in training

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Decent Weekend

Saturday started out poorly. I wasnt able to "sync" up with the GVC. So I decided to head down to the lake and ride there. I got a speeding ticket coming down the hill. By the way its 45 there.

Rode 16.16 miles in 1:13:23 at the lake 13.2 mph average. I was a little faster than the last time I did this route but last time there wasnt the wind I experienced yesterday. A miserable morning.

Today I had a great run. 6 miles in 53:14, a 8:52 pace. The same route as last week 2:08 faster. Not the wind of last week. Here are the splits: 9:01, 8:50, 8:52, 9:02, 9:04, 8:23. Fast finish. The Vdot says my fastest 10K is 50:42. I didnt go all out. My speed work is working. If I can keep that pace over a 1/2 marathon they I would finish in 1:58. That would work.

As I am moving forward I am trying to figure out how I am going to attack the Silverman. Right now far enough away that I am not necessarily officially building but I am more advanced than the schedule calls for at this point. I feel great. I dont feel tired or sore. I think I am going to adapt a longer training week. Instead of 7 days a week, may be 10 days or so. I am going to play with it.

"Top results are reached only through pain. But eventually you like this pain. You'll find the more difficulties you have on the way, the more you will enjoy your success."
- Juha "the Curel Vaatainen

Friday, June 12, 2009

Literature and sub-weekly update

This week has been another good week of training. Here it goes:

Monday: 13 mile bike ride in just under an hour. Just get out there.
Tuesday: A.M. recovery run 3.0 miles in 29:03 an average pace of 9:43, in the PM swim 2000 meters in 25:44...500 meter splits 5:56, 6:19, 6:35, and 6:52. Felt slow (times match that) but good to go that long. I miss the water. I hoped for 2 bouts of swimming this week but didnt make it.
Wednesday: On the advice of my running coach I moved my threshold day to wed. heres how they looked: WU-1.07 mile 10:36 (9:58 pace), 3 min on/3 min off with ave pace of: 7:41/off 9:47, 8:03/10:22, 8:08/10:10, 7:51/10:49, 0.41 mile cool down in 4:11 at 10:12 ave pace. i felt very strong. When i got back I was disappointed with the pace. I felt much faster. But It is faster than last week. Better.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Threshold run. 3.14 miles total in 27:25. Ave pace of 8:43. 0.5 miles warmup at 9:30, goal was 1.5 miles at 8:10 or better, mile 1 8:50, mile 2 was 8:21, mile 3 was 8:53. Felt awesome. I am loving this faster stuff.

Long ride tomarrow, 7 miler on sunday.

Karl sent me a link to the latest journal in Sports Medicine. It discusses the difference between VO2 max of cycling, running, and the VO2 max of triathletes. Interesting review article and I hope I will be able to retrive the full acticle soon. The effect Running has on VO2 max is larger than cycling. Running VO2 max translates to cycling but not vice versa. People have a running VO2 max and a cycling VO2. Triathletes have no difference in cycling or running VO2. WHY? They are training more specifically than a runner or a cyclist individually. So what is the take home message? Training specific for specific goals. The body will adapt. Isnt it amazing?

"I still bother with runners I call hamburgers. They're never going to run
any record times. But they can fulfill their own potential."
- Bill Bowerman


Sunday, June 7, 2009

good week of training....

This week was the first since before RAGE that I had a solid week. Here is how it went:

Monday: Tried to go out and back on the River Mountain Loop Trail. Started out at railroad pass and rode to Lake Mead Blvd and back. 8.5 out and back. 1:21:53. Including some walking while pushing my bike up the middle sister. The 3 sisters is a formidable foe. The middle is an 18% grade according to Garmin. Rough. I need more as that is a segment of the silverman I will conquer.
Tuesday: Recovery run in the am. 3 miles cut short to 2 because of a rough headwind I wasnt interested in. Then a 750 meter swim in the afternoon.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Intervals. Felt the change this week. Getting more comfortable going faster. 4.47 miles total. WU in 9:17 pace then 3 min on/3 min off: 7:35/9:50, 8:22/10:03, 8:18/10:38, 8:36/10:02, CD in 7:36 (0.7 miles). Ave pace of 9:16. Only cardiovascular distress, legs felt strong.
Friday: Threshold run. My first one. I planned on 0.5 mile warm up, 2 miles at threshold pace, then 0.5 cool down, but didnt end up that way. details: 1/2 mile at 9:12, 1.5 miles at 8:20 (my threshold pace) and then 1 mile cool down at 9:15. Overall 3 miles in 26:59 or 9:00 pace.
Saturday: Today I wanted to get up and ride with the GVC but was not on time. Went back to sleep and ended up riding later. Total of 15.27 miles in 1:08:16 or 4:28 pace. It was at the pittman wash and it is hard to go fast through some parts secondary to tight turns.
Sunday (today): Long run. 6 miles in 55:24 or 9:13 pace. The mile splits are telling: 8:47, 8:48, 8:56, 9:54, 9:59, and 8:56. The wind in my face on those 2 miles hurt my time. Im getting there though.

I went to a con ed course this week entitled: Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Perfromance Enhancement of Runners. I grade it at an A-. I thought it was well organized and straightforward and I have some holes filled in on how I can run my running program. The course tought me a method of analyzing running gait and how to modify it without too much detail. Afterall the body knows motion not mechanics. I will be excited to become the source runners can turn to for running needs.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure." Ben Franklin and running course.