Sunday, August 30, 2009

Change of plans....

This weekend did not bear a lot of triathlon fruit. I traveled to Salt Lake City for the southwest regional softball tournament and we got our butts kicked. Not a good tune-up for the western worlds in sept. Today ran an easy 6 miler. Just 6 since we are traveling to DisneyLand next week (weather/air quality permitting.) The change of plans is not running the race for me. My wife is trying desperately to recover from sinus surgery and is not training very well. She asked me today to stay with her and help her push. No biggy....we can take a bunch of fun pictures along the way and take our time. I guess vegas will have to be my run at a sub a 2 hour half. So may be I will get 2 bikes and 2 swims in this week.

Congrats to my bloggy friends who finished IMKentucky!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a normal week so far...

So this week as been pretty straight forward. Here is how it is going...

Monday-1500 meter Intervals. 5 laps warm-up in 6:13....4 on at 4:21/4 off at 5:12, 4 on at 4:26/4 off at 5:35, 4 on at 5:02, then 5 cool down at 7:19. Total: 38:11. It is amazing how reliable our bodies are. I have worked up my ability to go real hard now for 4-5 min straight then actively recover quite well and then poop out. I am happy to say that I can swim for 40-60 min. A year ago i struggled even one full lap.
Tuesday-3 mile recovery run. I dont know how long or what my pace was. i just wanted to run. No numbers no stress. Best run id had in a while. Was it that or was it that I wore different shoes that didnt hurt my calves or hips? hmm...may be its time for new shoes. That evening had some batting practice with a bunch of people I hardly know but its a good tune-up for a big tournament this weekend traveling to salt lake city. We have already gained a berth to worlds but we have to play in this divisional tournament. Should be fun.
Wednesday- Wanted a fast bike ride. Got one. I wanted to know if I can ride to the loop at Anthem in about an hour. Not yet. But it wasnt because I wasnt fast enough its because its farther than I thought. I wanted to map it first but forgot. 1:10, 17.75 miles. Ave 16 mph. Now that I map it..I cut it short by 3 miles so I just should have finished it. Another day. The good news is that I was faster on some gnarley ups. YEAH..
Thursday-Mod 4 miles. I didnt look at splits but I ran 4 miles tonight. I just wanted to get em in....DID THAT.

I am happy to say that I am excited about a new style of eating for me. I took up trimarni on her nutrition consultation and I am excited about her suggestions. I have a blood sugar control problem that she has given me tools I havent been able to find. I hope they get me over this hump. I will take some measurements and baseline weight and check em in a month or so. She and so many bloggy friends are racing IM Kentucky this weekend and I wish them lots of luck. i will be thinking of them. I hope that I someday will get to the Ironman level of training. QUOTE:

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings. ~
Dave Weinbaum

A rich life for me hopefully is a new outlook on food....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Day I Dream About S....

Spaghetti, Sex, Sports! No its Adidas....(if it was redheads blog shed say cue monster mix of RUN DMC's MY ADIDAS!). What it means is that as all these barriers fall so does the reign of Nike over me. It has been in the works for a while. It used to be that if someone saw me running they would have thought it was a Nike commercial. However, lately the nike brand has slowly sold themselves out and since they do not have a hold what so ever in the endurance world....they are losing me. Yesterday, I walked through the Nike outlet and found My wife though suggested we hit up the Adidas store and I was beside myself. They had the coolest stuff in there. Good thing there was a monster sale. Why have I limited myself this whole time? It is a sign of things to come. NO MORE ARBITRARY BOUNDRIES. Here is how the weekend went.

Originally I was supposed to have an out of town softball tournament this weekend but it turns out its next week. I spent all of last week and the early part of this week moving things around so I can have Friday and Saturday off. So what should I do? I planned on doing 30-40 miles of the silverman course but I didnt. 30-45 mph winds and 60-70% rain kept me in bed. Plus I thought I havent slept in in over a month and I have 11 miles on Sunday...may be ill just rest. AND SHOP.

Sunday-Long run. My last long run before the Disneyland Half marathon. I hyped it up inside as a challenge to see where my running fitness is at. FAIL. i wanted to run in the 1:40-1:42 range...NOPE. How about 1:55 range. Yup 10:28 per mile. A lot slower than I wanted to be. My sub 2:00 goal is serious peril. QUOTE:

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~Author unknown, commonly misattributed to Charles Darwin

times they are a changin....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coasting mode.....

I have had a good week and I feel like I am starting to coast. I am really enjoying my daily challenge. I am getting good rest and eating very well. Here is how it went this week:

Monday-easy recovery swim of 1000 meters (20 laps). 26:12. As I am swimming an easy pace I am simply wondering....what the hell am I getting out of this? I mean it is nice to shake the soreness out by getting in the water but is there a better idea? I decided that I would rework my plan and drop easy recovery swim day and add another bike day. After all the bike is my limiting discipline. So for every 10 days I will do 4 bike efforts, 2 swim efforts (long and interval), and 3 running efforts. The distance change of the Olympic distance swim and half iron swim is not very different.

Tuesday-Easy recovery run. 4 miles in 37 min. Decent pace easy-to-slightly moderate effort. No pain which is a good change.

Wednesday-Low mileage/hill repeats. 13.75 miles total. I rode 5 miles to the hill that was about 8% grade and roughly 0.46 miles from where the start was to where I turned around. Ok, 5 miles there 4 X up or on and 3 times down, after the 4th just headed home. Here are the splits:
1:10 on, reaching 23 mph/1:32 active recovery,
1:31 on, 24 mph/1:38 active recovery,
1:17 on, 21 mph/1:25 active recovery, and
1:37 on, at 22 mph. Finished with 5 miles home. Legs where tired but I got home in OK time. I might have gone for 1 more but it was getting dark and I didn't have my head light. It hasn't been dark here at that time. Must be getting to be favorite time of year.

Thursday (today)-Long swim. 2000 meters. As I started I decided to set my bar for this distance swim. My best friend Karl proposes that 6 weeks of interval training will demonstrate huge benefits. I am going to try that. I did 8 sets of continuous 250 meter increments (5 laps.) Here are the splits: 5:32, 5:48, 5:53, 5:53, 6:56, 6:25, 6:57, and 6:42. For a total of 50:09, ave 6:16. Remember a few weeks ago when I wondered how many sub 6 min/250 meters I could do? I did 2 then and today I did 4. But then today I pooped out. I just wanted to see how many I could do during a long swim. I definitely could pace that better so the second half is more consistent but I wanted to go out fast. While I was swimming I was thinking that in the beginning of the year 2000 meters would be more than my weekly total. Today I was able to swim that consecutive with no breaks and even go fast. Im happy with where my swim is at today.

One of these weeks I am going to give you some literature review. I have pulled a total of 5 articles/studies of different topics but just haven't sat down to read them. My man Karl (and clay too) put together a heckuva presentation on interval training and all the physiology that is involved. I pulled a few of those articles. QUOTE:

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

Dale Carnegie quotes (American lecturer, author, 1888-1955)

by the way I DO WORK was supposed to be funny....I cracked up....I GET BUSY

Sunday, August 16, 2009


What I even love the most is living a lifestyle where your work week is your rest. The weekends are packed with training. I had a 72 1/2 mile weekend. I burned 5436 calories not including my Friday night swim. Fun stat. Here is how it went:

Friday: 800 meter swim. I didnt have anyone in the pool with me so I swam laps without touching the wall. Just like an open water swim except I swam in a tight circle. It was fun and I had some old folks who were sitting around watching and wondering.
Saturday: Long Bike. 46 miles in 1:50:01, ave speed of 16.2 mph. Reaching my maximum speed on a bike at 37.6 mph. It was rough. For the first 10 miles it was up hill and the wind was in my face. For about an hour all I heard was the wind. I went out of Las Vegas to the small town of Jean to their airport and back. Basically uphill there and downhill back. With the wind whistling it made it for a fun ride home. My legs were hard to warm up then once they realized I wasnt going to quit they shipped in and got to work. 1:51 there and 1 hour back. My legs need to get stronger to be faster going up. It was a lonely windy ride to nowhere but I got some work done
Sunday (today)-When my alarm went off I was confused. Why would I set my alarm so early? Oh yeah bike/run brick today. Boy did I want to continue sleeping. I didnt though. I did our nice 10 mile loop that we are running on our long runs twice. I didnt want any speed per Se, I just wanted to have biking legs in order to run through it. 20 mile bike in 1:21 with some ok climbs and a slow live T1 (7:33, I had to secure my bike and lock down the jeep). Then I ran 5.35 miles of the Silverman I will run in November. YES it is hilly and I ran those hills. Whew I am pooped. I was able to average 10:33 on those 5 miles including some walking on the 14% grade hill. My body felt good. I was fatigued without any pain, no limitations except cardiovascular/muscle, which is what I expect.

Next for the week: 1000 meter recovery swim tomorrow, 3 mile recovery run on Tuesday, hill repeats on Wednessday, long swim of 2000 meters on Thursday. QUOTE:

“There is no fatigue so wearisome as that which comes from lack of work”

Charles H. Spurgeon quotes (English preacher of 19th century 1834-1892)

Dont worry...I DO WORK

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The 3 sisters-2, Ron-0

For those of you not around here the 3 sisters are 3 climbs on the river mountain loop trail (RMLT). A cycling/running/horseback riding/4wheeel etc trail. There is no river and it is close to a very very small mountain. When it is finished it will be 36 miles (I think) round trip. It is paved. The climbs are 15, 16, and 19% grades. OUCH. Actually ouch is a good word as I crashed on the first one for lack of forward motion (rest assured no one witnessed it to my knowledge). What I am excited about is that I didn't quit. I'm just not strong/fit enough yet. On my 1/2 iron distance race these hills will be in the last 1/3 of the bike leg. 3/4 quarters of the way up each climb is better than last time when I didnt even make it half way. My biggest fear is having to walk them during my race. That is straight up not acceptable. Here has been my week so far: wife had a very minor surgery (if there is such a thing)
Tuesday-recovery run of 3 miles
Wednesday-Hills. Total of 15:30 miles. I rode from my mother-in-laws house to the RMLT. Floundered on the hills but pounded it out. I gave it my all. Now that I look at my garmin screen there is a 23% under the grade section. This my second attempt at the 3 sisters and I am determined to beat em.
Thursday-Seeming feeling no ill effects from yesterdays "fun" I decided to go for a tempo run. That turned into a hill run. I met up with the Village Runner group and the course they run is hilly. My legs were pooped. 4 miles total. Very slow.

I have been slacking on my information giving post during the week. Lack of time and a clear topic to research. I have been listening to podcasts on itunes on triathlon. They are awesome. Free too. There is a runners podcast as well. My rest of week will look like this....tomorrow short swim, sat long ride 45 miles or so. Sunday brick of biking about 20 miles followed by 6-8 mile run. QUOTE:

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

yeah I will be back you 3 beotches! (HA)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ahh on track....

Isn't the endurance world such a roller coaster? Good runs, bad rides, etc.? Today I am on the up swing of that coaster after a 37 mile weekend. Here it goes:

Saturday-The brick I was looking forward to since I haven't done one in a long time. Long swim and moderate ride. I decided to do a TT of the course I will be racing on in a month or so as a tune-up for the Silverman half. Today's session ended up being 1600 meters and 26 mile bike. 2/3 (actually the swim was 100 meters longer than the race but who is counting)of an Olympic distance tri and I was faster. If this was workout compared to the race I did a few months ago RAGE both the swim and the bike were 6 min faster EACH. Longer swim, faster times, and I even had enough left in the tank on the last big climb to sprint to the top. YEAH, IM GOOD WITH THAT. I have not trained like this before and the type of program I am playing with is not common, I didn't know where I as at. Now I'm cool with it. The next question is (and chuck is asking too), how will the long run go the following day?
Sunday-Id say it went a lot better. We ran the same course as last week in reverse. Which means it was a lot more hilly than I thought it was going to be. I didn't have any post tib signs or symptoms until the 8-9th mile or so and it was only slight. 10 miles in approx 1:40 some 12 min faster than last weeks 10 miler with less pain. 9:48ish pace. I had to "detour" to handle some "bidness" (as redhead would say) and I didn't get my watch back on line for about 0.6 miles or so and its too bad because that 0.6 was fast. Pain is a funny thing. I wasn't ever tired today and with no pain I wasn't looking for an excuse to stop. Funny how pain controls that. Feels like my running may be getting on track. So whats on tap for the rest of the week? Here is a tentative plan....Monday-recovery swim, Tuesday-recovery run, Wednesday-off, Thursday-hill repeats (my first attempt at the 3 sisters), not sure about Friday.

Just a note to people finding my blog as I read and connect to yours. I am really enjoying reading all of your blogs and I am impressed with the journeys you all are on to get fitter, healthier, etc. I think it is a really cool thing to hear about runners, triathletes, and nutritionists etc. I am learning from each and every one of you and even some laughing too! quote....

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

Lance Armstrong

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week is going to plan so far...

My tendonitis problem seems to be resolving as I was able to run tonight with the least amount of pain in weeks. We will see what the morning brings. Here is my week so far:

Monday: 750 meter recovery swim. I LOVE recovery swims after a long run. I can feel the soreness disappear. I ditched the time so It is not available.

Tuesday: Recovery ride. 15 miles on my 15 mile loop. A bit slow but boy is getting easy. 1:01. Softball at night.

Wednesday: Swam 1750 with intervals. 3 lap stroke drill, 5 laps warm-up 6:03, 3 laps on/3 laps off X 3 on and 2 off. Times are 3:13, 4:11, 3:17, 4:30, 3:23, and cool down at 7:05 5 laps. 1 min faster than the last time I did this. Recovered faster and was tighter on my speed.

Thursday: Here is where it gets good. I havent been very fast for me on the long runs and I thought it was because I didnt get my speed work in. With running difficult should I do a speed workout? I ran 2 miles in the am and it felt good enough to continue but I thought if I push it may be a bad idea. The rest of the day it felt good, so I attempted to another run this evening. It went well. The 2 this morning in 9:22 pace, the 3 this evening 9:20 but the second mile was a 8:50. I havent gone that fast in a while. It felt great. We will know in the am whether or not it was a good idea. Rest day tomorrow, big brick on Saturday, 1250 swim open at the lake and 25 miles on the LV TRI course, which happens to be the same as RAGE. I want to use this Olympic distance tri as a tune-up for the half Ironman. Then 10 miles hopefully on Sunday. Can I shave 20-30 min off this Olympic distance race from April 18, 2009?

One-half of life is luck; the other half is discipline - and that’s the important half, for without discipline you wouldn’t know what to do with luck.

Carl Zuckmeyer

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting back to reality....

Yeah back to work tomorrow. It was very nice to decompress. I am a person who over analyzes things and was indeed in need for some aloha. I hope to incorporate aloha into everything. So far so good. The trick will be allow some aloha to flow throughout the clinic. I have a block review for todays entry so here it goes.

Block 2:
Grade B. Although there was some incredible venues for training the results are not that impressive. Here are the totals for the second block of 10 days:
swimming: 4740 meters
Running: 26 miles with one day of intervals
Biking: 35 miles. Low total but had to change everything around to get Kona in. I am going to have 2 long rides in the next block because of the switch.

The Last few days since I came back look like this:
Friday-4 mile run with avg 9:24 pace
Saturday-played in a softball tournament
Today-Ran 10 miles with some pain. I think my flip-flop use was high and I had trouble with posterior tibialis on the R. A muscle in charge of protecting the arch of your foot but the belly is in the calf. After a few ice baths its back to pain-free with normal walking but I wont run until Wednesday. I am quite slow these days. My running is down. I think sub 2 hour half at disneyland is going to be out. We will see. Swim-good, bike-better but still slow, and run is slow.

Im looking to be more consistent this block. I think I need some leg strength work. I am doing really well with the push up challenge. I can feel and see results already. I am also happy to report that my body circumference measurements are all down. Thats good. I just need them down faster =).

On another note I noticed in the program from the Ironman 2009 there was 30 physical therapists from around the world that competed. I like that. Its hard trying to be a good example. Here is this posts quote:

A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. - Mary Lou Retton

I hope I never forget my ride in Kona