Sunday, September 25, 2011

Starting to wear me down...

Running only now for the last month.  First time in my life I have committed so whole heartedly to the run. I want to race though.  Everyone around me is racing.  I will be traveling to coach races and missing my wife and friends race and I miss racing.  I know my fitness is progressing and my run fitness will no doubt make me a far better triathlete.  Who knows may be I am kidding myself, may be I am a runner only.  (eh Karl?)  I just know that day in and day out I am doing the work and striving to move the blocks that I have put in front of myself.  I though of this yesterday while on my long run/workout.  KD said something about feeling sorry for yourself.  I was thinking "me compared to me, sometimes I do that."  I will think, no one else is even out here and you are at least running.  But then If I look at how I perform compared to myself, can i work harder?  I have had some fatigue and soreness this week.  I took 2 days off and still feel very tired.  My hips are sore, My feet were killing me yesterday.  I got some new trail shoes since the rocks were killing my feet.  I met my week mileage goal, my long run now that I look at it should have been 14 and not 12, and I did not get my specialty work in. I did not plan the week better.  Here is how my week went:

Monday-Off....finally get some sleep and rest.
Tuesday-I dont know how to interpret my watch data but looks like a bunch of fun.  20 min warm up/drills and strides.  Then 4000 m at 7:48 pace and then another rep of something but it includes a cool down.  I had some time so I went home and ran with Sully some too.  For a total of 7 miles.
Wednesday-Easy run.  Lately I feel like I have been neglecting Sully.  So we ran 4 miles on the jeep trails out by my house.  I felt very tired and sore.  Now that I think about it, the shoes I was wearing were not working for me.  I thought it was longer but I ran out of time.
Thursday-Supposed to be a progression run.  Easy warm-up ended up about a mile or so then drills and strides.  This was supposed to be 12 min at 8:30-8:45, 12 min at 7:55-8:05, and then I was going to go at 7:30 the last 12 min.  Here is how it actually went:  8:42, 8:03, and 9:25, lol.  Sully actually got lost.  He disobeyed me and went with the much faster runners then didnt stay with them.  I was very scared and ended up running another mile to locate him.  Then the cool down was further than I thought.  Ended up with 7 miles total.  I got some good time at race pace but I was not able to keep it.  Tired, sore, scared, and not into it.  I am looking for a day off at this point.
Friday-Day off
Saturday-Long run.  With the girls previewing the race course I thought I would get up early so I can get a total of 12 in.  Today I looked and it should have been 14 and not 12.  It would have been no big deal but I woke up late.  Ran 10 with the girls, including 3 times around the 5K course and then 2 in a while after.  All averaged 9:32.  With rest in between and some faster then I should go.  SUrprised to look at the data.  I know I can go faster over the same period.  I am looking forward to running regular. This cross-country is keeping me from good quality workouts, lol.  Or may be this is just what I need.  I feel tired and sore but nothing that makes me want to stop.  Today was the last draw on my feet.  New shoes are in order.  The rocks are killing me.
Sunday-Easy run-Kinda.  We are going to try to run every weekend at mt. Charleston.  We had a 15 min warm-up, ran 2 hill repeats, then I ran 40 min easy with the lower group.  A total of 6 miles.  New shoes treated me just right.  Lungs felt TONS better but my legs were trashed.  The hills were brutal but got them done.  Deer Creek and Bristlecone are the best.
Stats-36 miles total.  Had some good points and some low lights.  The XC team prolly will taper some this week to get ready for our home race but I will be better at getting my stuff done.  My long run wasnt long enough and it was an oversight on my part.  I am looking forward to some longer faster stuff to see where I am at.  Quote:

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”
 Mario Andretti

My goal seems so far away.  Las Vegas marathon cannot get here soon enough.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Putting in the work

Seems to be the mantra.  Talent, no talent, attitude or not.  Put the work in.  I am really enjoying the cross country lifestyle and starting to pick up on some track.  Here is how my week went.

Monday-4K repeats.  I have never done repeats this long and I was not sure what to do as far as pace goes. I decided to go out and see what I felt like.  Before that 20 min easy and drills strides.  2 X 4K with about 5 min in between.  8:01 and 7:52 pace for nearly 2 miles.  I felt strong.  I know I can do these faster.  after cool down, 7.11 miles total.
Tuesday-30 min easy.  Red Rock trail run.  Unfortunately I get to run with the lower group.  WE only did 30 min.  I would have loved to go longer.  The cooler weather, no wind, and rain in the air makes for super enjoyable running.  3 miles total.
Wednesday-Training Run.  I am looking at my workout and I cannot remember what we did.  I know I went nearly a 5K in 8:25 min pace.  I was poooped this day.  It ended up a 7.69 miles in total.
Thursday-Progression run.  30 min total.  He wanted the last 10 min to be intense but overall less volume and low intensity.  I had to stop with an athlete.  ended up 3.5 miles.  I went 9:35, 9:06, and 8:55.  My legs were dead.
Friday-40 min shake out at the race.  I ran about 20 or so around Balboa Park with KD.  Chatting about running/training/or team.  What a gorgeous day.  I would say 4 miles.
Saturday-Long Run.  The schedule did not go my way.  I made the most of it.  I was up very early to get these 8 in.  I as very tired but got my long run in.  I would have liked to go longer but the schedule did not jive.  I ran from my hotel to QualCom stadium and back with some wiggles to round up 8.  I averaged 9:48.  I just felt very fatigued.
Sunday(today)-Easy run.  30 min.  Again running with the lower group we only got 30 min.  Mt Charleston for some elevation change.  Bristlecone trail.  So amazing.  3 miles.
Stats: 36.3 miles total.  I exceeded my goals for the week and I know I cannot keep that up.  I think volume wise it was good, pace wise it was good, but overall I am tired.  I am happy that I am not sick, hurt, or limited by anything.  Overall, very happy.  My Las Vegas Marathon goal is sub 4:30 seems like that is totally doable.  All I have to do is keep 10:18?  I think I can keep faster than that.  We will see how the longer runs go.

Stole this from another blog:

"dont try to outshine anyone, BE THE RAY'
This is my new theme.  just be me and do the best I can.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

already starting to pay off...

While I knew that If I committed to running full time I would make some strides, I didnt know they would start so soon.  I am running very well right now.  I have been very conscious of my rhythm.  My hill climbing was suffering from too slow of a rhythm, it felt so hard to get up hill.  The drills and strides that I have been doing are helping me feel my way to what I am supposed to be doing.  I feel fresher, I feel more in control, and I am looking forward to what the short term and long term goals are.  Here is how my week went:

Monday-Hill Repeats.  Unfortunately or fortunately I had my run cut short.  I was tired and hills, especially this hill, are tough.  4 miles total.  Only got 2 trips up but I got some work in.
Tuesday-Water polo and laps.
Wednesday-Mile repeats.  1 mile warmup, 4 mile repeats with 2 min rest all under 8:20, and a mile cool down.  6 total.
Thursday-Easy 4 miles.  With tired legs and mind easy 4.  I also twisted my ankle kinda gnarly but was able to treat it.
Friday-Training Run of 6.  I was running low on mileage and had to do 6 in order to get my 30 in this week.  With this super stiff and sore ankle can I go?  YES!  I got 6 in on a course I normally struggle on the last 2 miles home.  A 5 min PR on this course.  It ended up under 9 for the whole course.  I felt strong and got it done.
Saturday-Long run.  Since today was travel day and I didnt know what the weekend would be for me and my training I knew I needed to run 10.  I woke up early and was at it.  Sully cannot go over 8,  so I went 8 plus 2.  Karl here are the splits my goal was to keep it 9:15 to 9:30 the whole time:  9:24, 9:01, 9:20, 9:38, 8:52, 9:16, 9:27, 9:58 (gave sully a break), 9:33, and 9:37.  Ave 9:18.  This is better than my 10-miler PR at Charlottesville.  I was going easy, I could have gone longer, and I could have gone faster.  My schedule said 10 easy.  This route included the 3 miles home that are always tough for me since they are slow up.  I kept my rhythm strong and stayed present with that.  It makes all the difference.  No muscluoskeletal issues.  I feel sore and tired but nothing in particular and I am looking forward to another week.
Stats- 30 miles....No miles above 10 min per mile and a week with no walking.  Quote:

“Life’s battles don't always go to the strongest or fastest man,
But sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can.”

I can feel the confidence growing

Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Choice but to Step Up

I am running more, I am running faster, and I feel great.  I was laughing to myself today as I desperately try to hang on to the group.  When an ultra-intense, world class runner is the coach, you step up.    I was laughing because I have been forced to run faster.  Do not embarrass myself, lol, do not complain, lol, and be responsible for the latter part of the group.  What have I got myself into?  Truth is I am loving it.  Karl has been harping on me to run more, well Karl I am definitely running more.  I am happy to report the soreness is going away, the groove is nice,  Easily the best I have run in my whole life.

Tuesday-Easy 4 miles.  9:27 pace.
Wednesday-20 min Tempo run.  1 mile warm-up.  20 min at 8:25 pace, 2.38 miles, then 1 mile cool down.
Thursday-First formal practice with KD.  I only ran during the warmup.  Yeah it was 10 min warmup at 7:25 pace, lol....JUST HOLD ON!  lol...1.33 miles.
Friday-Training Run.  45 min easy turned into finish off 5 miles.  46:42, 9:19 pace.
Saturday-Progression Run.  1 mile warm-up, drills, strides, and hills.  Then supposed to be 20 min out and 15 min back.  I ended up tending to a runner who crashed.  The terrain was rocky and unsure.  I ended up running 7 miles total.  The time and tempo were off because of the walking I did during triage. Hard effort.  I was on my way to an awesome run.
Sunday(today)-Training Run.  Just hold on.  HOOOLD ON!  Then I ended up leading the trailing group.  It ended up 49:55, splits were 8:18, 8:35, 8:14, 9:30, 10:00, and 5:15.  5.5 miles.  Then on the track for strides and core.  ROUGH.
Stats-27.21 total miles.  Garmin reports that I have run 159.8 miles in the last 30 days.  There are miles not logged on the watch too.  So 170 miles may be?

I am sore for about the first 10 min every morning then I feel great the rest of the time of the day.  I have some back soreness, some quad/abd soreness, and feet are tired.  I feel really good about the volume/pace I am able to sustain.  There has been no walking.  Overall, I am stoked.  Quote:

"You win 80% of the time by not quitting."