Sunday, July 11, 2010

Me Vs the Sisters, 2010: Ron 3-sisters 0

So my A race this year is the silverman 1/2 iron again. Voted by Triathlete magazine as one of the 3 hardest races in the world. The reason is mostly the bike course. The pros have commented that if it was an IM event it would be hardest race course on the circuit. It is also the race course for the ITU 2011 World Championships. Got it? Its "challenging." One of the reasons it is challenging is around 40-45 mile mark or 100-105 mile mark for the full is a set o3 climbs called the 3 sisters. Last year I had 8 (count em) 8 training rides and the 9th was the race itself. I climbed one sisters one time. On the race I saved my energy and didnt even attempt them. I am not happy or proud about that. In fact, I remember the loads of people there who had looks on their face that was less than impressed at the race last year. I am probably projecting that onto myself but I was embarrassed. That isnt happening this year. I took one step towards that this week. Here is how my week went. This week was difficult or several reasons. No excuses just life. Heat, my wife (who is a twin) birthday WEEK started, and slight taper for Strawberry Fields next week.

Tuesday-Softball started back up.
Wednesday-Hills....climbed all 3 sisters. I even kept 9 mph or faster on them. I am pumped. 16.4 miles in 1:20 elevation gain 1064 ft. Can I do it after climbing lakeshore and northshore? Thats another question. But this small victory builds confidence. As I look back on this time last year I am going longer and faster. After Strawberry Fields I am going to start going very long out by the lake. I did have some slight cramping and fatigue. I wasnt hydrated or nourished like I should be for this ride. My first midweek big ride. It was nice and hot too.
Thursday-Pushed a swim.
Saturday-Long run of 8 miles in 1:28. I wanted long and slow. Thats what I got. It was nice and hot out with some humidity too. My mind is playing tricks on me. I have to work on my mentation. Funny how that is the hardest thing about this whole triathlon thing. I would like to mention that Julie (my wife) and Andi (best friend-in-law) are more than prepared for an olympic race on Sunday. I am pumped that it will be my first REAL Marathon bar event. I will be geared up with bars/coupons to hand out. It will be a challenging swim. My first open water OCEAN swim. What will the current be like? What will the waves be like? Salt water? I am shooting for 35ish min. The bike will be flat and fast. I am shooting for under 1:30. As close as I can to 20 mph. The run will be flat and fast too. Sub 60 min? Whole thing under 3? Should be fun. There is a possibility there will not be a medal and wife is gonna freak out. There is a compression sock giveaway going on here. I have been researching these garments and the literature is mixed. Some say they help with recovery, some say they dont, they all say they do not help with performance. I would like to review some, so I hope I win. Quote:

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.
Nelson Mandela

What hills have you climbed?


B.o.B. said...

I need to get on some hills but I'm just a super, baby on the bike. I'll get there. Kudos to you on taking on those sisters! YOu're going to do great!

Christi said...

Good luck with the sisters! I hope you kick butt!

Karl Stutelberg said...

1100 ft of elevation gain from mile 42 to 46...that was probably one of my toughest hills ever, but I made it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hate hills, we have a hill called Redbank we do repeats off of.

DRog said...

Love the header pic - Love climbing a hills to go back down...not to conquer more hills! haha

Caratunk Girl said...

Good luck with the sisters!

I love hills, but I am very slow at them 58 mile ride to Jackman and back has 2000+ ft of elevation climb (over 29 miles) - but it is an out and back so what comes up must come down! :)

That header picture is awesome.

Colleen said...

I'm not a fan of the hills!

Great job conquering this them week - sounds like you are ready for them! :)

Barbie said...

I find hills so hard but I will still give them a go. Goodluck with those sisters.