Sunday, March 20, 2011

Discipline is a nice change

Funny how this see saw battle goes. I have made incredible changes to my life and I have been pleased with the results. Sometimes we sit back and look at the changes and get complacent. I think I was stuck there again. I say again because I have been down this road before. It is definitely a challenge when it seems I am the only one in close proximity who is striving for these goals. I had another week completely dairy free and complex carbohydrate free. I feel absolutely amazing. I am getting leaner and leaner and my training feels so much more real. Real? Well I am feeling different things now. My muscle burn if very different. My taste buds are so different. IS what I am tasting and feeling the "right" way? If my whole life has been a smoke screen am I feeling my body for the first time? It is crazy. Here is how my week went:

Monday-Interval swim. 5 Laps easy warm-up pace in 6:03, 3 laps fast (about 80% of all out) in 3:18, recovery 3 laps in 4:01, 3 on 3:19, 3 off 4:14, 3 on 3:16, and 5 laps recovery in 6:54. 25 laps or 1,250 m. I felt strong. It was nice to speed up a bit. The last interval I had trouble keeping my form but went well.
Tuesday-Easy run and strength training. 3 mile remedy loop. KDs core, general strength. Sully is enjoying this running thing.
Thursday-Training run. 5 miles. Sully's longest run to date. The more we change routes the better he gets at staying right next to me. He once in a while gets bored or curious but gets back on track.
Saturday-Long Run. 8 miles. The longest run since the calf. It was a very windy day, we chose a very hilly course (AGAIN, lol) and it was a hard run. Felt the fatigue and twinge in the calf that recovered very quickly. 4 miles up and 4 miles down. I even had a 8:30 mile in there. Hmm...wondering how my 10 miler will go. Can I keep that pace that long? Will the calf hold up? My legs were very fatigued and sore.
Sunday (today)-Training run. Since the wind and rain was kicked up and my bike had a series of unfortunate mechanical errors, I did not ride. I was really looking forward to a long ride. Given how sore I am may be it was a good thing. Then I decided to swim. POOL CLOSED. Hmm nothing long in my cards today. The plan was to have a long ride or swim and short run. Sully needed to run. I ran the 3 mile rmlt loop and for the first time did it with no walking or stopping. Sully cooperated. It is hilly. The strength is coming. Absolutely no sign of the calf today. Miserable weather on this first day of spring.
Sully-He was pooped after the 5 miler. He hasnt reacted like that in a while. He is building up slow and seems to really enjoy himself out there. He was heart broken on saturday when he realized we werent running. He seems to be taking notes on days we run. Each run he gets more and more well-behaved. Sometimes he seems like he wants me to go faster. He is an excellent partner. Quote:

"Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it."
Braveheart movie line

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Chuck said...

Glad to hear that after a tough week of running your calf is holding up! Sounds like Sully is going to be a great training partner. He will push you out the door on those days that you do not feel like running.