Sunday, April 17, 2011

Does RAGE fuel you?

It does not for me but RAGE in the sage triathlon was yesterday. The last few races have been interesting. They have not been bad in any way but just not up to my standards. Finally, this race was different. Here is the race report Rage in the Sage Olympic Triathlon 2011:

Pre-Race: Recovering from the calf injury and building up to this race I wasnt sure what to expect. In the past I have set goals on time and did not reach them. This race I kept my goals close to me. The reason is this years course was different. The bike and the run had, in my opinion, harder courses. That with the weird buildup made for unexpected outcome. I trained with a big group and we raced together. We all experienced success and I am very proud of what has happened. My wife won her division. So proud of her. The times are unofficial. No results available at this time.

Swim: 1500m Last year: 35:24 Goal: 40:00 Actual: 37:50

All the time trials I have done this year have not been as good as before. I didnt think that I could go as fast as last year but I had a tremendous swim. I swam the whole time. I controlled my HR in the water, which in turn kept my breathing rate intact. I felt strong. I came out of the water fresh, ready to get on the bike. I feel like this swim is something to build on. I felt confident during the swim.

T1: Last year 4:45 Goal: 4:00 Actual: ??

I accidentally deleted it from my computer. I will get back on this time.

Bike: 25 miles Last year 1:38:26 Goal: 1:35 Actual 1:35:59

With the change to the new course it makes it hard to compare the last two races to this race. The consensus was that the bike course would be 5-8 min longer than last year. So I thought 1:35 would be tough. I am pleased that a harder bike course was even faster than last year. I was on point with all my time checks and I didnt trail off. My back was only tired. There wasnt pain. I think this bike course is very difficult and I cannot wait to see how training here will translate to the hawaiian highway. I was in control of my speed. I felt strong. This was a few minutes faster than any of my training rides. Perfect weather, no wind not too hot. No until the run.

T2: Last year: 4:02 Goal: under 4 Actual: ??

Run: 10K Last year: 1:08:12 Goal: 1:05 Actual: 1:05:12

The new run course is 3 miles up and 3 miles down. The heat began to be a factor. About 88 degrees. I was please to be able to use nutrition to stave off cramps. They wanted to come out but I didnt let them. I was able to run right through it. Usually I back off when they start. I wanted to turn around at less than 35 min. I turned around at 34. 4 min negative split. Improved run time on a harder course. I am pleased with that. No issues, totally healthy. I was even able to pick it up the last quarter mile. Good run.

Overall: Last year: 3:30:49 Goal: 3:29 Actual: 3:27, I think

The rest of the week:
Tuesday-Easy run in the am, swim fitness test in the pm. I read about this test. 1000 m time trial and count strokes at 500 and 100. 500 stroke rate 32, 1000 34 in a time of 25:21. 1:09 per 50m. Incidentally, the same rate per m as the race. So I maxed out my swim fitness at the race. That is cool.
Thursday-4 mile trail run. Easy run, me and sully enjoying the cool morning. Hes the best. Quote:

Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.
Ralph Marston


Jill said...

Congrats on a great race, considering where you started with the calf injury! Congrats to your wife's placement too!! :)

Do you mind if I asked you some questions about my PF and Achilles? I noticed you are a physical therapist. Just replay to this message if you can help me with a few questions.


B.o.B. said...

Great race! I have my Oly coming up and I'm reading your posts for some inspiration!

Austin said...

congrats on a solid race.

not gonna lie - a little jealous about the kona 70.3!