Sunday, September 18, 2011

Putting in the work

Seems to be the mantra.  Talent, no talent, attitude or not.  Put the work in.  I am really enjoying the cross country lifestyle and starting to pick up on some track.  Here is how my week went.

Monday-4K repeats.  I have never done repeats this long and I was not sure what to do as far as pace goes. I decided to go out and see what I felt like.  Before that 20 min easy and drills strides.  2 X 4K with about 5 min in between.  8:01 and 7:52 pace for nearly 2 miles.  I felt strong.  I know I can do these faster.  after cool down, 7.11 miles total.
Tuesday-30 min easy.  Red Rock trail run.  Unfortunately I get to run with the lower group.  WE only did 30 min.  I would have loved to go longer.  The cooler weather, no wind, and rain in the air makes for super enjoyable running.  3 miles total.
Wednesday-Training Run.  I am looking at my workout and I cannot remember what we did.  I know I went nearly a 5K in 8:25 min pace.  I was poooped this day.  It ended up a 7.69 miles in total.
Thursday-Progression run.  30 min total.  He wanted the last 10 min to be intense but overall less volume and low intensity.  I had to stop with an athlete.  ended up 3.5 miles.  I went 9:35, 9:06, and 8:55.  My legs were dead.
Friday-40 min shake out at the race.  I ran about 20 or so around Balboa Park with KD.  Chatting about running/training/or team.  What a gorgeous day.  I would say 4 miles.
Saturday-Long Run.  The schedule did not go my way.  I made the most of it.  I was up very early to get these 8 in.  I as very tired but got my long run in.  I would have liked to go longer but the schedule did not jive.  I ran from my hotel to QualCom stadium and back with some wiggles to round up 8.  I averaged 9:48.  I just felt very fatigued.
Sunday(today)-Easy run.  30 min.  Again running with the lower group we only got 30 min.  Mt Charleston for some elevation change.  Bristlecone trail.  So amazing.  3 miles.
Stats: 36.3 miles total.  I exceeded my goals for the week and I know I cannot keep that up.  I think volume wise it was good, pace wise it was good, but overall I am tired.  I am happy that I am not sick, hurt, or limited by anything.  Overall, very happy.  My Las Vegas Marathon goal is sub 4:30 seems like that is totally doable.  All I have to do is keep 10:18?  I think I can keep faster than that.  We will see how the longer runs go.

Stole this from another blog:

"dont try to outshine anyone, BE THE RAY'
This is my new theme.  just be me and do the best I can.


Karl Stutelberg said...

Been waiting for this post all week. Great workouts on Mon and Wed. I have one question. So you drove all the way up to Bristlecone for a 30 min run??? Sounds crazy to me.
Thought you would like to read your post from a year ago.
Always fun to see where you were and compare to where you are now.

Karl Stutelberg said...

Here is 2 years ago...

Jill said...

Do you not take a rest day, Ron? Your mileage is good but sometimes you gotta give the legs a wee-bit of a break, I think. Always fuels my runs.

Love the quote!!

I'll email you later this week. Have a great week ahead of you!!