Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The big surf board continues to elude me

That big surf board is the medal for the full marathon at surf city.  2 years in a row I was signed up for the race and had to drop down to the half.  At least this year I am was able run, well, kinda.  2 years a in a row I have had calf issues.  Separate and very different mechanisms but calf issues nonetheless.  This year humbled again, I learned some lessons.    


I called Karl to get my head straight.  Generally not interested in devices that artificially improve performance, I wasn't sure if I was thinking straight.  I considered compression socks.  I know marni and tawnee will be pleased because they love it.  I knew it wouldn't hurt me but was it worth it?  I am able to say that my recovery was no different but during I had no sharp pain.  A lot of pain but no sharp tendon pain.  It was all muscular burning pain.  I nearly quit at the first mile.  Gnarly calf in the first mile?  How can I get through it?  It never got to be more.  Lesson learned:  the way it feels now is not necessarily going to be worse later.  My pt/responsible brain said why?  My competitor brain said you have to finish this.  It got better as I went as long as I didn't go too fast.  I was able to keep rolling through as long as it was above 9:30.  It killed me to go that slow. I was happy to be out there and enjoying this wonderful race.  It really is an outstanding race.  It kills me that I got to 10 miles and felt fresh.  No muscle fatigue, cardio wise felt strong, but the calf was killing me.  


Karl was in my head.  I wanted to run the hill he yelled at me 2 years ago.  I am happy to say that dam hill with no stops and I laughed at the thought of Karl yelling at me.  Truth is that hill is weak.  I am so much in a different place.  Funny experience.  Good in that I know I can suck it up and get it done but I want that course as a full.  I want to come through on the goals I set.  Overall a learning experience.

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Jill said...

You are going to get that calf issue figured out - that's what you do best, figure injuries out - and then your head will be in the right spot. That's fantastic that your cardio is super fit and that hill was really just a small blimp, a true testament how strong you're getting!