Sunday, March 4, 2012


No post last week secondary to Mountain West Indoor Championships in Albuquerque, NM (my home town).  It was a lot of fun to watch our girls perform and also very stressful and tiring.  I ran while I was there but I didn't even compete and I was pooped.  So I rested last sunday and monday and no post.

Things are hectic.  Work, home, training, and training.  My training and the track team.  I had my first brick/transition run today and I felt awesome.  Here are two weeks of training:

Monday-Long swim.  30 min of swimming and about 1000 m.  Nothing really to report.
Tuesday-Easy run.  45 min of easy running.  Sully and I.
Wednesday-Track night.  15 min easy w drills.  8 150's.  4 X 800.  10 min easy. 5 miles total.  The 800's at 3:30 pace with 2 min break.  Felt strong.  Those 150s are rough.  KD calls them sneaky speed work.  Not only that, I like how they work on mechanics.  Overall good workout.
Thursday-Travel day.
Friday-6 mile tempo run on the Bosque.  I was so pumped to take a trip over to a new trail for me in ABQ. I have not run that trail and it was nice.  It was cold and windy.  At elevation I could not hold my tempo.  I wanted to stay under 8:50 for all 6 and I only made 4 at tempo then I pooped out.  Overall a tough run in harsh conditions.
Sunday-Pushed everything. lol.

Monday-Pushed a swim.
Tuesday-Easy 45 min.  Me and sully out for 45 min and it was hard going.  Legs felt sluggish.
Wednesday-Track night.  15 min warm up with drills.  8 X 150's.  2X 1 mile.  KD and I were talking about the 150's and I was doing them wrong.  I cleaned that up and they are even harder.  Awesome start.  Then KD and I got talking and the wind/cold kicked up.  Miserable night and I only completed one mile.  7:48 pace.  Then just shut it down.  Wasn't feeling it.
Thursday-Hills.  Went out and back on the sisters and felt strong.  Despite a rear derailer issue it was a good ride.  The bike is coming around.  I need more time on it.
Friday-Tempo run.  I wanted to recover that 6 miles from last week.  I did, barely.  6 miles at 8:58 total.  There were some issues but got through them.  Funny run.
Saturday-Track meet, no training.
Sunday-Ahhhh my first brick.  Full olympic bike course/3 mile run.  I felt awesome.  The bike was moderate, I didn't press.  I didn't attack.  It was 1:30 slower than last years race pace.  I felt so strong.  I feel the aerobic capacity so much better.  My legs werent that tired.  26 miles in 1:39.  I ran the sprint course and it ended up progressing really nice.  I have been wondering how my running would feel after a decent bike.  I started out with a goal of 9:15 pace and ended up at 9:40 but I didn't stop.  Usually I have to walk.  No walking today, never even occurred to me.  9:40, 9:29, and 8:52.  Total 9:21.  I have never had a run this fast after a bike.  I am looking forward to this 10K at the race.  I feel the fatigue resistance and I recovered during the run.  Overall, a great day.  Quote:

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”
 Oliver Wendell Holmes

Feels like I am moving forward


JFord said...

Great two weeks of workouts!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Glad things are getting more consistent.
One comment: Is 30 minutes really a "long swim?" If you are going to get all changed, drive to the pool, swim, and then clean up, why not swim for at least an hour? Just sayin.