Friday, October 24, 2008

boy am I sore.....

My first "recovery and rejuvenation" week as went well. meaning only 2 swims and 2 rides instead of 3 of each. This is my 3rd week of multisporting and my legs are POOOPED. I skipped my running intervals today in lieu of rest. I am still playing softball and staying out late doing that took a lot out of me. Doing cardio just about everyday in some form has taken its toll as well. Yester day I ran 4 easy miles at a bit over my race pace but there are no details since my virtual partner didnt charge his batteries and failed less than 1/2 mile into it.

My leg tone has changed considerably in the last few weeks. I hardly could fit into my jeans because of the change in girth. LOL....funny didnt expect that. I am reading a book called "your first triathlon" by joe Friel, a world renowned tri coach. It was recommended to me when I went to a store called "run, bike, swim." There I learned some interesting facts. Triathletes are there for the "doing" aspect of things. They just want to be out there doing it. Very nice, very helpful, not competing with each other. I like that. In the book I think I will follow the runners program to completing a triathlon. More details to come.....Tomarrow is the first ride for my wife and I and we will also incorporate a swim. I cant wait to hang wtih her.

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