Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a week...

Since my last entry I have been up to a lot. Last saturdays ride didnt turn out to be that much since Julie is focused on the Vegas run than multisporting. So a nice and easy 2 miles to the gym for an easy swim and 2 miles back.

Sunday-A long run of 8 miles. Slow since Julie and I are working out some wrinkles in our "training." But logged the miles.
Monday-Long swim.....600 meters in 24:51 and I performed 21/2 laps without stopping. The technique is coming along and I am feeling more comfortable in the water. Later that night recovery run of 3 miles in 29 min. Funny how I hardly sweat and no real challenge to a 3 miler. That used to be a long run for me.
Tuesday-No cardio only softball
Wednesday-Intervals.....boy what a challenge they are. Warm-up 1 mile...5 intervals of 2 min on/ 2 min off finish off with close to a mile. A total of 4 miles (3.88 to be exact) with an ave pace per interval as 8:01/mi, 8:33/mi, 9:35/mi (up hill), 9:45/mi (up a steeper hill), 8:55/mi......burned 791 calories total. Whew...legs pooped...cardiovascular system not threatened.
Thursday-Funny story....Julie and I decided to sleep in and wait till friday for training run.
Friday-(according to my virtual partner) 4.1 mile out ant back. up hill 2 miles, back down hill 2 miles. Total time 39:58. Mile times 9:43, 10:19, 9:41, 9:26, and 47 sec for that last tenth. Need to set the watch to stop when I stop at traffic lights. Had a long stop during that 2nd mile and screwed up my speed numbers. although slight; a negative split.
Saturday: The red rock loop on a bike. I had the opportunity to pick the brain of a more experienced rider named Jake. He took my out to red rock and we played with changing gears and climbs. Boy they were some climbs. Again the cardio was legs not so much. I walked a good part of the hardest climb because I physically couldnt push my legs. I dont have clips and that may not be good for force transfer. When I am ready I am going to take Jake back out there and hang with him.
I had a watch issue and it only recorded 11.13 miles of the over 13 mile journey. I did reach my max speed on a bicycle for me at 27 miles/hr. Pretty scary. A georgous ride with quite a challenge. Afterall I did experience a 12% grade up hill. OUCH. Here is a link to check out some of the ride details.

long run tomarrow....long swim on of the week to be determined by collection of forces that is sat/sun/mon....

I have thought of this for the last week. I am drawing my line in the sand. 1/2 iron man distance is my goal at next years Silver man. (this years is next weekend and I will be there to witness) Whats a 1/2? a 1.2 mile swim....56 mile bike.....and 13.1 mile run. In order to get ready I want to 2 olympic....and then the half at silverman. Check out for details. Whew im pooped.


Karl Stutelberg said...

looks like the training is going well. Some advice on progressing your interval workouts. Don't worry too much about going faster your interval pace for a 2:10 half is 8:48/mile. You need too look at total volume of intervals. Right now you did 5x2 min for a total of 10 minutes at that interval intensity or pace. You could also do 3x3 min intervals for 9 minutes total to vary the workout. When you are ready you could increase to 6x2, 7x2, 4x3 etc. Remember, the rest should be equal to the effort, and always at least a mile warmup and cool down.
PS I love running that Red Rock Loop. I can beat most of the bikes up the hills but I can't run at 30mph on the downhills yet.

Stutelberg Family said...

Wow Ron!! You and Julie are awesome!! Reading your blog makes me feel like a dope with my 4 mile run this morning! Both your blog and Karl's make me want to do more!! You both should be so proud of yourselves!