Monday, March 23, 2009

Back on my feet...

In the last few weeks I have neglected my blog. I have trained through a stomach virus and a cold with respiratory distress. So here I go:

For the week beginning Monday, March 8, 2009-Ending March 15, 2009:
Tuesday-1000m swim in 25:09 in the am, 2.82 in 27:53 trail run trial with no orthotics and softball
Thursday-1250m swim in 28:33, too sick for run in afternoon
Friday-Rest (actually called sick for the afternoon)
Sunday-5 mile run with walking and jogging in the wind, major stomach cramps (got it in)

total: Swim 2250m in 53:42
No bike
Run 8 miles roughly

For the week beginning monday, 3-16-09-----sunday, 3-22-09
Monday-16.2 miles in 1:13:49
Tuesday-1000m swim (cut short secondary to flu was scheduled for 1250m) 23:12, hold on run, Softballl
Thurday-am run of approx 4 miles....1 mile warm-up 9:08, 5 intervals 8:15 on/9:30, 0.6 mile CD....In the pm 1500m swim, 250 m increments...5:46, 6:11, 6:18, 6:21, and 6:30...38:04 total I sprinted the 1st and every 5th lap right at 1:00 per ya think I got pooped?
Saturday- The day of days...can I time trial the race course at Rage? Conditions were horrible...wind very very stiff id guess 30 mph...swells about 3-4 feet in the water (julie was afraid in the kayak) so I only swam about 800 yards....MISERABLE....the ride was just a taxing, I had to cut it short. 21.13 miles. Cut the last 5 miles due to fatigue and time. My trooper of a wife still sitting there in the dust with the top down in the jeep. THANKS JULIE. so 21.13 miles in 1:42:54. Very slow. Monster wind.....oh and by the way there is a 13% grade on the middle of the course. ROUGH. Had to walk the bike. Got some work to do. And to top it all of...still fighting major cough and chest cold.
Sunday-8 mile run in 1:20:10....mile splits 9:17, 9:25, 9:21. 10:51, 10:07, 11:10, 10:08, 9:47...10:01 pace....again heavy respiratory problems in the GNARLEY wind. MISERABLE.

Totals: Swim 3300m or 2.05 miles
Bike 37.33 miles in 2:56:43
Run 12 miles in 1:57:10
51.38 total miles traveled this week

Today: 14 miles in 1:03:57 including some big hills on Horizon ridge. Need to put some time in on the bike and climb some hills. Great ride today. Id be interested in the Rage course under better conditions. This saturday another attempt. I am funny periods of confidence quickly followed by reality. Ratchet my way to what really happens. All in all I feel great. Total wegiht loss of 15 pounds since Jan. I am feeling really good about my fitness and weight. Ive got to get fitter. Can I do a 1/2 marathon in less than 2 hours? Can I do this tri in 2:45? 3 is probably more fitting but well have to see what this saturday is like for the ride. Please No WIND.

A winner is a loser who was willing to fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up and win - Peter Zafra

thats what I felt like this last 2 weeks. PERSEVERE.

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