Sunday, June 7, 2009

good week of training....

This week was the first since before RAGE that I had a solid week. Here is how it went:

Monday: Tried to go out and back on the River Mountain Loop Trail. Started out at railroad pass and rode to Lake Mead Blvd and back. 8.5 out and back. 1:21:53. Including some walking while pushing my bike up the middle sister. The 3 sisters is a formidable foe. The middle is an 18% grade according to Garmin. Rough. I need more as that is a segment of the silverman I will conquer.
Tuesday: Recovery run in the am. 3 miles cut short to 2 because of a rough headwind I wasnt interested in. Then a 750 meter swim in the afternoon.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Intervals. Felt the change this week. Getting more comfortable going faster. 4.47 miles total. WU in 9:17 pace then 3 min on/3 min off: 7:35/9:50, 8:22/10:03, 8:18/10:38, 8:36/10:02, CD in 7:36 (0.7 miles). Ave pace of 9:16. Only cardiovascular distress, legs felt strong.
Friday: Threshold run. My first one. I planned on 0.5 mile warm up, 2 miles at threshold pace, then 0.5 cool down, but didnt end up that way. details: 1/2 mile at 9:12, 1.5 miles at 8:20 (my threshold pace) and then 1 mile cool down at 9:15. Overall 3 miles in 26:59 or 9:00 pace.
Saturday: Today I wanted to get up and ride with the GVC but was not on time. Went back to sleep and ended up riding later. Total of 15.27 miles in 1:08:16 or 4:28 pace. It was at the pittman wash and it is hard to go fast through some parts secondary to tight turns.
Sunday (today): Long run. 6 miles in 55:24 or 9:13 pace. The mile splits are telling: 8:47, 8:48, 8:56, 9:54, 9:59, and 8:56. The wind in my face on those 2 miles hurt my time. Im getting there though.

I went to a con ed course this week entitled: Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Perfromance Enhancement of Runners. I grade it at an A-. I thought it was well organized and straightforward and I have some holes filled in on how I can run my running program. The course tought me a method of analyzing running gait and how to modify it without too much detail. Afterall the body knows motion not mechanics. I will be excited to become the source runners can turn to for running needs.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure." Ben Franklin and running course.

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Karl Stutelberg said...

Nice training week! Some advice: Be careful running two hard workouts on back to back days. Triathlon training makes this easy because you can bike or swim the next day. Take at least 1-2 days inbetween hard workouts ie: intervals and threshold runs.
Also, be careful not to go too fast on your long runs or easy/recovery days. Somewhere between 9-10min/mi. Going too fast could compromise you effort on your next interval workout.
Finally, a long bike ride building up to 3-4 hours every 10-14 days would be a good idea in preparation for Silverman. Remember, it is not one workout that will make you better. It is the summation and consistancy off all your workouts together that make up your fitness. Don't let one workout affect your future consistency of training. Let me know if you have any questions.