Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a normal week so far...

So this week as been pretty straight forward. Here is how it is going...

Monday-1500 meter Intervals. 5 laps warm-up in 6:13....4 on at 4:21/4 off at 5:12, 4 on at 4:26/4 off at 5:35, 4 on at 5:02, then 5 cool down at 7:19. Total: 38:11. It is amazing how reliable our bodies are. I have worked up my ability to go real hard now for 4-5 min straight then actively recover quite well and then poop out. I am happy to say that I can swim for 40-60 min. A year ago i struggled even one full lap.
Tuesday-3 mile recovery run. I dont know how long or what my pace was. i just wanted to run. No numbers no stress. Best run id had in a while. Was it that or was it that I wore different shoes that didnt hurt my calves or hips? hmm...may be its time for new shoes. That evening had some batting practice with a bunch of people I hardly know but its a good tune-up for a big tournament this weekend traveling to salt lake city. We have already gained a berth to worlds but we have to play in this divisional tournament. Should be fun.
Wednesday- Wanted a fast bike ride. Got one. I wanted to know if I can ride to the loop at Anthem in about an hour. Not yet. But it wasnt because I wasnt fast enough its because its farther than I thought. I wanted to map it first but forgot. 1:10, 17.75 miles. Ave 16 mph. Now that I map it..I cut it short by 3 miles so I just should have finished it. Another day. The good news is that I was faster on some gnarley ups. YEAH..
Thursday-Mod 4 miles. I didnt look at splits but I ran 4 miles tonight. I just wanted to get em in....DID THAT.

I am happy to say that I am excited about a new style of eating for me. I took up trimarni on her nutrition consultation and I am excited about her suggestions. I have a blood sugar control problem that she has given me tools I havent been able to find. I hope they get me over this hump. I will take some measurements and baseline weight and check em in a month or so. She and so many bloggy friends are racing IM Kentucky this weekend and I wish them lots of luck. i will be thinking of them. I hope that I someday will get to the Ironman level of training. QUOTE:

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings. ~
Dave Weinbaum

A rich life for me hopefully is a new outlook on food....


TRI-james said...

That is a good aspiration! Everything in balance.

I can eat the same thing over and over without any problems. One time I said that to a friend and then she said – “then why do you eat so much?”

Everything in balance.

Chuck said...

Sounds like your training is going very well. Good job!

Have a safe and fun time at the divisional softball tournament in Salt Lake City. Looking forward to hearing all about it.