Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elevation training and a fun bike ride...

The training schedule is chalked full of races, I am pumped. One of my most important races is Ragnar relay in Utah. This race begins in Logan, UT and ends in Salt Lake City, UT, including a stop over in Park City. So can someone say elevation? Logan's elevation is 4535 ft. Park city is 7000 ft. Salt Lake Cities elevation is 4330 ft. The closest place I can get some elevation is Mt Charleston. It has an elevation of 770o ft. So its pretty high. A 45 min drive to a trail called bristlcone trail. It is a 6 mile or so loop. It was gorgeous. It was gravel. My lungs burned for the first 2 miles. We were not able to make the whole loop secondary to snow, dangerous path, and the cold. May in Las Vegas is normally very hot. It has been very mild and quite windy (more on that later). Therefore the snow has not fully melted. The wind was freezing. I wasnt dressed for the cold wind. I sucked it up and ran. My legs felt strong. If it wasnt for the lung burning I could have killed it. This run tested all my fitness and it felt great. Our run ended up 7 miles and I did not have an issue. My watch did not seem to be functioning correctly but when I look back i does not seem like bad information. The elevation change on my run was about 920 ft. Can I handle another 150 feet? I think so. After all, my first leg is 7.4 miles and has a net 1156 elevation gain while on gravel. The other legs are easy compared to this leg. A 4.2 mile leg and a 3.0 mile leg. One cool thing is if I do both Utah and Vegas Ragnar I will get the "saints and sinners medal." I am diggin that.

The other races include; San Diego Marathon Relay (Im gonna do the hilly leg), a 5k or 10k or so, Wasatch back (Utah Ragnar), a new race announcement, and then finally Silverman half iron, agian. New announcement: Strawberry Fields Olympic distance triathlon. It will be an ocean swim in Oxnard, CA. Should be a fast one. I welcome that since all I got around here are super hilly races. It will be fun to get loose on a flatter course. Even better my wife is going to do it too. Andi will be stepping up to the Olympic distance as well. Should be a great time.

A few weeks ago there was a request for my performance goals during the Silverman this year. There has been several bloggers who have posted goal setting posts. I like to set multiple goals and when I consult with other racers I try to get them to do the same.

My A goal: Sub 7 hours. 6:59:59 or better. This is quite lofty for me since it will be a 1 hour 10 min PR. Last year I walked soooo much of the run and stopped a few times on the bike because of cramping. So in order to do this I have to keep the same swim. The swim is going to improved regardless of what I do but all it has to do is stay the same. The bike needs to go to 3:30. That would be 45 min faster. No stopping and improve a few miles per hour. Im already doing most of that. Then run a competitive 1/2 marathon. Last year I walked probably 2-3 miles of it total. Can I shave 15-20 min off a 2:50 1/2 when I am capable of a 1:52 (according to VDOT)? That is yes. My best race will be better than 6:59:59.
My B goal: Nail nutrition so I do not have any cramping/nourishment issues. This means that my weight must be down and my eating must be right on as the race gets closer. I will be 30 pounds or so lighter than last year. That should help.
My C goal: Finish happy and healthy and ready to do it again next year. My Marathon experience is the only wrench in my program. Its the only race Ive done that has left me not wanting to do it again. It clouds my Ironman thoughts and I dont know what to do with that. How do you sign up for an IM anyway? I think if i do go for it, it will have to be AZ. My IRON readers please comment giving me advice on how to get in, I heard its hard. Here is how my week went:

Mon: Softball
Tue: Softball plus 3 mile easy run
Wed: Pushed a bike for my buddies state championship volleyball match, hes the head coach.
Thurs: 4 mile run. I was very tired and not feeling great so I went slow.
Fri: Rest
Sat: Bristlecone Trail run.
Sun: Very windy 39 mile bike ride on the ENTIRE river mountain loop trail. My first time. It was epic although very very challenging with the wind. The wind was at least 30-40 mph. The climbs were steep with a headwind. It took every bit of fitness I have. I was quite slow but I grinded it out. I know this time last year I would have crashed and burned. I did well today. Quotes I like 2:

“I just want to see how long I can keep this thing going. The easiest thing is dying. Living is a a pain in the butt.”
Jack Lalanne

“Running has never failed to give me great end results, and that's why I keep coming back for more!”
Sasha Azevedo

Keeping coming back is a pain in the butt!


Karl Stutelberg said...

I am bummed about your marathon woes. You do know that an IM ends with a marathon right? The marathon is never easy but I hope you give it another shot some day. Certainly a century ride and another marathon would be good steps toward that IM.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Gotta love old Jack Lalanne! Great quote. You've got some great event goals lined up. Good for you...i have no doubt you will nail them. Saints and Sinners medal? I need to look into that. That's a one of a kind right there.

Jon Gilchrist said...

30 lbs I hope U nail down your nutrition, as well. And that U get your "A" goal time....

Also..real cool that your wife is doing that race with you...enjoy that!

Chuck said...

Sounds like you have some great events lined up. The Strawberry Fields Olympic distance triathon should be a lot of fun with your wife and Andi also doing it.

I would not be to concerned about your marathon experience. My first marathon was on my 31st birthday in 1989. There was a half and full marathon. Both races started together with the full marathon running the same loop twice. I found myself in "no man's land with 13.1 miles left to run" when everyone that I was running with made a left turn onto the track at Santa Monica City College. The last 10K was such a bad experience that I remember telling all of my family and friends at the finish line that "I will never do another marathon". Since that race I have completed 54 marathons! You'll be back!

Caratunk Girl said...

Love the Jack Lalanne quote! I am working on nailing nutrition too - that is probably one of the things that I really need to work on to perform better (well, that an a new left leg from the knee down ha!) Sounds like you have some awesome events planed. good luck!