Sunday, December 19, 2010


I started this blog a long time ago as a way to keep a log of how I train, what I think, and as a way to observe other athletes. I am a passionate person and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I use this blog to show the good times and the bad times, to learn. In the range of time that is a year there are highs and lows. I am still confident, I am capable of doing anything I want to do but right now, I dont know what I want to do. I am in a lull because of a lack of direction. My life right now is quite stressful and training is not relieving stress. I realize that I had a very successful race season. I am proud of that. In the last few years I have rediscovered my competitive and physical life. I expect a lot out of myself. I am blessed to have the health, resources, and time to do the things I do. I could be more efficient with my time. Here is how my week went.

Tuesday-Ran 4.
Wednesday-Skipped a 7 miler to hang with my sick wife
Thursday-Ran 7 miles, finally a day without some blister pain
Saturday-Long Run of 20 miles. A rainy/windy start. Cold but not freezing. Karl was in town and really gave me a boost. He is funny because he is subtle enough to be nice and not subtle enough to get the message across. If he had the time to train that I have he would be an absolute machine. More than he is now. Thanks for the push. My race will not be this cold, hilly, or windy. A good confidence booster. I am hardly sore. My blisters are OK, not great. We ran 4 X 5 miles loops and this was a productive way to get a long run in.
Sunday (today)-Rest

I wrote an aggressive marathon schedule post silverman. I am up to date with minor glitches. I am holding onto these miles. I do need to get into the gym for strength training. I have been thinking about Crossfit. I got one of 2 20-plus mile runs in. Quote:

“No matter how far life pushes you down, no matter how much you hurt, you can always bounce back.”
Sheryl Swoopes

I wasnt that far down, I am not that hurt, and i will bounce wayyyy back.


Karl Stutelberg said...

Great running with you. Looking forward to Surf City. Glad you decided to take another stab at the marathon. It is always a wild ride. Good luck with EVERYTHING over the next 6 weeks.

Chuck said...

Great job on your 20 miler! I am looking forward to seeing you at Surf City.

Christi said...

You are doing awesome!