Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Long over due post...

What do ya say if this is a training blog and I keep it like a diary and I am not running? I am frustrated but optimistic. The calf is progressing well. It came at a time I could cross train without any consequences. Back in the pool and back on the bike. I cannot relate the temperature but it could not be any nicer weather. Blue skies, no wind, sunny but not hot. Perfect. Perfect time to be out by the lake on a bike. I missed it so much. The pool on the other hand was slow. I did a 1000 m meter time trial in 28:__. REALLY? Wow so slow even for me. I have no excuses. I have been totally stressed out this last few months and my training has suffered then resulted in an injury. I am happily working through it. I am make the march to RAGE as an olympic. It has started slow.

On the running note I ran 2 miles on sunday with only fatigue. I had to walk some because it was so tired. Push tired and you get more strain. I took it easy. Nothing else stopped me. Cardiovascularly I felt awesome. My brain wanted to go. Funny how 2 months ago I didnt want to run and today I am dying for it. DYING for it. I feel like a bad dog. Rehab is going well.

Over the last week plus 2 days. 3 swims, 1000, 750, and 750. 2 mountain bikes, including my first crash. I am ok, just scrapped up. 2 road bikes. I plan on a bike time trial at the lake on the bike course. 1 run of 2 miles.

Sully: I am researching the proper way to bring up a puppy and eventually allow them to run with you. Musculoskeletally he must be mature. It seems there are conflicting time lines on when he is able to run. It is also funny how the define running. He is so active right now. He is running his butt off. He is a blessing. I am so happy to have him and I cannot wait until he is able to get out there with me. Quote:

“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.”
Comte DeBussy-Rabutin

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