Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surf City Marathon: A humbling experience

I lay here completely rested and not sore at all. Its because I only cheered today and did not run. It is very strange to feel cardiovasularly ready to race and musculoskeletally not even close. I walked the expo yesterday knowing that my calf will not tolerate running. I didnt even survive the expo. The calf blew up again on tuesday and I could not complete the 4 miler I set out to run, I limped 2 miles home. I have fast tracked a lot of athletes. Lately I have fast tracked a lot of runners. Fast tracking is the ability to get someone patched up and race and help with a strategy to do the best the athlete can. Then after the race we slow down, plug in the holes and get them back to assymtomatic running. In this case, I could not fast track myself. I did go from 0.4 miles one tuesday to 2 miles the next tuesday but that does not warrant a marathon. I was happy to support the runners I came down here with. PR's for 2 runners and the first for another runner who have rehabbed and helped train. That was gratifying. She has pictures of her first 1/2 because I did not race. The good news is the bike does not hurt. I have not got in the water yet but I dont think that will hurt either. I may not do 3 half irons this year after all. I dont know. I will most likely move down to the olympic at RAGE.

With another week to think about why this happened to me, I think I know what is going on. This issue began a month or two ago with inconsistent training. You cross that with not enough strength training, changing my prerun routine, and running considerably more hills while trying to conquer them. The right combination of mishaps led my demise. I did get to experience a race from another perspective. I got to see who was running particular times. Wanna know how many "clydesdales" were sub 1:45? Not many, less than 5. I think I still require more work on the leaner side of things. I am happy to say that is going in the right direction already. I have not figured out my 2011 yet but I sure hope it gets going better then it started. I think my PR streak is over and I intend on starting a new streak.

Sun-sun 2 miles. Mountain bike and tons of rehab.

Sully update: I am happy to say he is awesome. He is going to be a wonderful partner. He is learning loose leash walking and is developing his cardio to begin to run. I am going to rehab while he gets his fitness to run with me. Coincidence? hmmmmm. I saw some dogs racing today and I cannot wait until he does that with me. QUOTE:

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Reasonable confidence is ringing in my head. I need to watch that. I consider myself in check.

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Chuck said...

Unfortunately I missed seeing Julie and you at Surf City! Sounds like you are right on with your assessment of the cause of your calf problem. Best wishes on a speedy recovery. I am looking forward to reading all about Sully and you.