Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Ironman 70.3 Hanu Dress Rehearsal

My biggest weekend is under my belt.  I dont think I have had a bigger challenge in front of me that was not a race called silverman.  It was in solitude too.  I had plenty of time to think while out on a very long bike course.  The usual questions present themselves.  Have I done enough?  What will this one wave start going to be like?  What will the water be like?  How hot will it be?  Will the humidity play a role?  I am leaner, fitter, stronger, more focused, better nutrition, and fired up.  I am ready to go.  Here is how the week went:

Monday-I had some unforeseen things happen at the clinic and I was tired from last weekend so I pushed a swim.  However, I did do some new exercises presented to me by my friend Michelle.  It is some back exercises by the guys who got Lance Armstrong back on the bike.  (Minus some injections.)  They are amazing more on that later.
Tuesday-Run/Strength.  4 mile progressive run.  9:47, 9:18, 8:44, 7:59.  I used the HR monitor but it is not set correctly.  I reached a 124% of my max HR.  hmmm  not working correctly.  I pushed the strength for fatigue.
Wednesday-Core/Strength.  Foundation Ab work.  Again held the strength for fatigue and how close I getting to the race.
Thursday-Run.  5 mile run.  45:24.  8:32 ave.  All the miles under 9.  I am happy about it.  Again the HR monitor is not working right.  I got up to 230 bpm.  I have to reset that.
Saturday-Tri-Brick.  Plan was for 500 meter swim, 60 mile bike, and 5 mile run.  What I actually got was a 600 meter swim, 50 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  Lets explain.  I have never had a workout planned this long or hard.  Thats an understatement.  The plan was 7 min out and 7 min back on the swim and I thought 500 meters was what I would get and I got 600 meters, cool.  Due to logistics I planned to end the swim at the house when I started at the lake.  I ended up riding to Calville bay and back plus the 15 home from boulder beach.  As it went longer and as it heated up, I realized the amount of climbing is getting more and more.  When I look at the numbers I am astonished.  I had a 4,100 elevation gain.  Hanu is no where near that amount of climbing.    The heat, wind, and climbing got the best of me.  I started to wonder why it was important to keep going.  When I looked at checkpoints on timing I was fast at all of them.  I burned 4,000 calories on the bike alone.  Despite the climbing I still averaged more than I have before.  I am so much faster and easier then ever before.  The run was cut short simply for time and energy.  My nutrition plan was spot on.  I have never had a workout this long AND a workout this long without any cramping.  Not during not after.  The TRI3 bar was outstanding.  1 at the beginning and one at 2:30 into the bike.  Gluten free pretzels, gu, water, and I tried the Ironman drink since that will be on the race.  I was reluctant to drink it, seems a bit ho key.  But is was very good.  It seemed to be salty and I need that.  I look forward to more of that.  I took something in every 15-30 min.  My back did not hurt for the first time in over a year on a long ride.  Could that be why I was faster?  These hills out here are RELENTLESS.
Sunday (today)-  Double brick.  12 mile bike/2 mile run X 2.  I woke up today happy about yesterdays effort but not looking forward to this.  My legs were wiped out.  No back soreness and I stoked on that.  I have always wanted to do this workout but never did.  The bike route I chose had ups AND downs.  Thank God.  I wanted to have a workout that made my body adapt.  Triathlon is about adaptation.  The first bike was 45:01.  My goals was to set the bar high and see if I can "do it when you are tired" as Karl says.  So I had to get more tired.  The second bike was 47:16.  Slower.  T1 in 3:16.  It was live.  The second one was marred by cleaning Sullys vomit.  He didnt run the second run.  The first run was 20:48 in 2.3 miles.  The second run was 24:29.  I was spent.   Happy to report no cramping.  Not during not after.  I feel ready

All in all big weekend.  Intense.  Long.  Hard. Hot.  Im ready.  Taper is on.  Quote.

“A day without Aloha is just another mainland day.”
 Buck Buchanan

I cannot wait for some real life big island style ALOHA.  Its gonna be a great day.


Chuck said...

Hey Ron, I've been reading your posts, but due to my busy work schedule have not commented much.

Great Week! Sounds like you are ready for a great race. Enjoy the taper.

Best Wishes!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Wow, quite a weekend. Nice work. You are going to rock it at Hanu!

B.o.B. said...

you are intense! i can't wait to read your race report. good luck at hanu!

Mike Russell said...

"Without the injections." Classic writing Ron.

Good luck at Hanu. Your training will carry you through a great day.

Megan said...

Hi- thanks for the comment on my blog about getting Mt butt stronger for my IT band. I'm definitely going try and stick to my hip/butt exercises.

I had never thought to do a double brick... Might have to try that!