Sunday, November 6, 2011

This body is starting to OBEY...

I am lucky enough to be a guy that helps people connect with their body.  When we lose what our body means to us, it rebels.  I believe it can be the difference between a happy life and a stressed out aimless existence.  Well that is how it was for me anyway.  Just when I think I have it, I reach another level of awareness of what my body is capable.  I remember the last time I ran 20 miles before the LA Marathon I thought to myself, I hate this.  What am I doing?  Today I felt like a real training run.  I just kept thinking yeah, I do 20 mile training runs now.  I felt great, until it wound down.  The toughness, the willingness to be uncomfortable will no doubt continue to improve but today I started to believe even more. Running is a metaphor for life and life is funny.  I love running and not always during the run.  I run because of the lessons I learn about myself.  I cannot think of something that is so healthy and so educational at the same time.  There are literally no cons, only pros.  Here is how my week went:

Monday-8 Mile progressive run.  Here are my splits:  9:19, 9:15, 9:04, 9:00, 8:45, 8:46, 8:13, and 7:50.  8:46 Average over 1:10.  I started the day dreading the cold and getting out of bed.  When I began to run under 9 I remember why I do that.  I love the feeling of running fast.  I felt like I was efficient and in control of my body.  Awesome.  I would rather go fast.  Today was last weeks miles.
Tuesday-Easy 4.  The girls had practice, I ran.
Wednesday-Easy 7 miles at 9:19 pace.  i felt good, for the most part.
Thursday-Only managed 2 miles with the girls during warmup then had to coach.  Couldnt get anymore in the rest of the day.
Friday-Off.  I fudged it.  I wanted to get a sold 8 or so in and I traded it in for a morning off.  Hang with the dogs and stay off my feet.  Felt funny to not be out there.
Saturday-6 miles with hill repeats.  We met at 6 tunnels.  The hill was on the River Mountain Loop Trail.  It also happened to be at the turnaround of the ITU world championships.  Those folks were flying!  Got me juiced about getting on my bike.  Boy do I miss the bike.  If I wasnt making such huge dents in my fitness I would get on it.  The running work I am putting in is absolutely priceless.
Sunday-20 mile long run.  After running some hills yesterday I wondered how the rhythm would affect the long run.  9:45 felt way. too.  slow.  I physically could not run that slow for the first 14 or so miles.  I saw my half marathon time at 2:05. 9:40 pace.   Trying to go so slow.  Fighting myself to go that slow.  Then the wind, rain, fatigue, and grade got to me.  Oh there is that lack of nutrition thing too.  I started to bonk.  The first 10 mile loop is hilly and the second was flatter.  It does have the slow up grade as does the race course on Las Vegas blvd.  I was 10 min/ mile through 16 and even as low as 9:38 through 14.  I started to get hungry.  No cramping, no trouble though.  Overall, a confidence booster.  I felt very strong and I battled better than I have before.  I have to work on the end mental toughness.  Nourishment will definitely help though.  
Stats:  39 miles without tomorrows easy 4 shakeout.  20 mile long run in, 8 miles under 9 not in.  Overall a good week but could have been managed better.  I ran a total of 150 miles in the month of October.  I suppose the taper is in effect.  Quote:

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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