Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mental Break

This week is a down mileage week and I needed a bit of a mental break.  With a huge meet and traveling, it was a good time to be a little less obsessed with running.  I am going in a good direction and I just need to relax a bit.  For the first time in months and months I had 2 days in a row that I slept till 7:30 or later.  Wow, that was huge.  This running only thing is weird.  A long bike or an open swim breaks up the week so nice.  I miss triathlon.  I do HAVE to race at RAGE.  I have a story to tell about that and it will happen soon.    My friends are talking about surf city.  If I sign up for the full I can avenge last years did not start.  I want that.  Now I was approached about Eugene by my dad.  Always a bucket list kind of race.  With Running Medicine who knows how my time is going to be.  Here is how my week has gone:

Monday-  (miles from last week.)  18 mile long run.  2-9 mile loops.  I didnt have the juice to keep my pace.  I was hurting and tired.  My feet, my knee, and my back.  My feet seem to be more related to my dead footwear and left over from Mt Charleston rocks.  3:03.  I battled stomach, leg pain, and fatigue and I still had that kind of run.  I was happy with that.  Cannot run perfect every time.
Wednesday- Easy 5.  Nothing special.  I was sore but not horrible.
Thursday- Easy 4.  Just trying to shake out.  I felt pretty good.  Started out junky and ended up happy with the effort.
Friday-Training Run.  8 miles-ish.  Watch malfunctioned.  Ft. Collins felt cold and brsck.  But no effects from the altitude.  Found some gorgeous ponds to run around.  Snow, mud, water, and ducks.  So awesome.  My favorite thing about running is go somewhere and explore.  No data.
Saturday-Race, travel, and off from training.  Slept in.
Sunday-Long Run.  10 miles at 9:26 pace So easy. 1:36.   I wanted to go and Sully wanted to go but I stayed back.  I want to have a great next week.  It will be the big week and I want that to go well.
Tomorrow-Should be 8 mile progression run.
Stats-27 plus 8 will be 35.  Good long run, weekly goal will be met, and specialty run will be met as well.  Overall, good week.  Quote:

Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn't formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.
Lee Haney


Karl Stutelberg said...

The next three weeks are key as it will be the last cycle before the marathon. Run long and often, run hard when tired, run fast occasinally, and stay healthy! Oh, and start praying for good weather on race day now.

René said...

You know you are a triathlete when waking up at 7:30am is sleeping in LOL!