Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something to Blog about

You know what they say.  If you dont have anything nice to blog about you shouldn't blog at all.  So this week my calf turned a corner.  I am cautiously optimistic about how my surf city race should be.  Had to bag the full but happy to run the half.

Tuesday-Goal was to move forward for 30 min.  I ran/walked it and was able to go about 4 min before it tightened up or got super tight.  I ran about 20/30 min and felt OK about it.

Thursday-30 min where I only walked about 2-3 min.  Those 2-3 min though I thought it was going to strain again.  I felt good every where else.  FINALLY a run.

Saturday-While I had to turndown 400 m repeats with the "bog boys" as he said, I was happy to go for a while.  I thought if I get to 30 and I can go to 45 I will go.  If I get to 45 and I feel good I will go to 60 min.  Well I went 70 min.  I didn't have any pain, just slight tightness and I felt ready to go.  Even felt ok as far as pace/fitness goes.  Today, no soreness.   Cautiously optimistic about my chances of getting off the ground before surf city.

The other days were res/rehab and getting this calf ready to run.

I would like to send a big shout out to a stud of a runner who ran the Arizona Rock n Roll half marathon.  She was told she would never run more than 5 miles after her gnarly back injury.  She ran the half with no signs or symptoms and not just that ran a 1:46.  Atta girl Michelle, YOU ROCK.

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Jill said...

Glad to hear the calf is happier and you are back to running! Excellent news! Congrats to your friend!