Sunday, July 19, 2009

46 miles since last post and block review

Better rest, better nutrition, and better training. This block is going to be a lot better than the last training block. Just to reiterate: I am training for this 1/2 iron distance triathlon using a 10 day work week instead of the traditional 7. I left my schedule at work and I wasnt able to review my first block. So here it goes.

Block 1:
Swim-1750 meters
Bike-15 miles plus trainer
Ran-13 miles
Missed 1 run and a swim/bike brick so it was 1000 meters short on the swim and 25 mile short on the bike...Id grade that brick a C...good thing its only the first one.

Since the last post: had been a few weeks with no speed work, which is probably why run had been the lesser of the 3 disciplines lately. Planned for 1 mile warm-up, 4 X 3 min on/off, 1 mile cool down and actually had 0.9 mile warm-up, 2 X 3 min on/off (on times were 7:42 pace and 8:36), and finished em up with 1.77 mile cool down. Total of 4 miles. Its amazing how much you lose if you dont do them.
Saturday-Long bike. I did the middle half of the Silverman course. Total of 33.66 miles in 2:21:29. Ave pace of 14.3 miles/hr. I think with more training I will be able to do reach over 15 mph. My legs got pooped on a mile and a 1/2 upgrade and speed was out after that. I did not include the 3 sisters which are going to be gnarly. Overall good ride. Beautiful ride out by the lake on Northshore.
Today (Sunday)-My first brick in a while. 30 min on the trainer in a moderate high gear with a high cadence. Slow transition to run and then 8 miles. It was slow but faster than last weeks on the same route. I walked some as I feel the soreness from yesterdays ride. Overall decent workout today.

The rest of this week is going to be a challenge to get my training done. I am going to be out of town for my first vacation in almost 5 years. I will be in Hawaii. I am hoping to have some swims in the ocean, runs near the beach, and there is a chance I make take a long bike ride on a long stretch of road. This long stretch of road is Queen K highway where they do this race every year. Yes it is the bike course for the IronMan. I may do about 30 or 40 miles of it for my dreams. Something to think about on boring rides, on the trainer, or in my dreams. I should be able to mobile blog so I am excited for new places to train. Quote:

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. -John Wooden

What can you do?


Chuck said...

As a triathlete you need to find the time for a long bike ride on the Queen K Highway. Have fun in Hawaii.

Morgan said...

First things first I am going to go take a nap as you have exhausted me just reading your training schedule! Hardcore!!! :)

Second off... HAVE A GREAT VACATION! You surely deserve it!

B.o.B. said...

I totally agree with losing it on the intervals. You gotta keep doin 'em to stay up to speed.

Have a great time!

Stephanie Nichole said...

Hi Ron. I just got your note. Sure I would love to assist. Just let me know wha tyou need.

Karl Stutelberg said...

One word of advice......sunscreen!
Have fun.

B.o.B. said...


NY Wolve said...

That is a demanding schedule! Good luck..And I love the quote. I have John Wooden's book on leadership and coaching and it is fantastic.

Missy said...

OMG YOU MUST go and ride Queen K...for us, do it for us! I'll only get there/qualify when I'm 75 and kick ass in my age group;)