Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thats more like it....and INFO

Ok now that more like it. A good week of sleep, training, and eating. Isnt it amazing how different you feel when those are priorities are in line? Here is how my week has gone so far...

Monday-Since I was pressed for time and my I spaced setting my alarm I went to the pool at lunch. 750 meters (15 laps) in 16:53 total. 250 yard chunks in 5:29, 5:41, and 5:42. Ave 5:29. My fastest 750 Ive done by 2:03 (was 18:56).
Tuesday-Again pressed for time but managed 2 miles on the deadmill and 9:31 pace and 2% incline as a recovery run and warmup for softball. Very hot 2 games about 110 degrees.
Wednessday-15.59 miles on the bike in 59:50. Ave 15.6 mph. Not faster than this loop ive done before but I felt so much stronger with less fatigue.
Today (Thursday)-Swim 1250 meters with intervals not including stroke drills. 3 laps stroke, 5 laps warm-up (6:03), 3 laps on 80% of what id consider max in 3:13, 3 laps off 4:11, 3:17 on, 4:30 off, 3:23 on, 7:05 cool-down. Total 31:45. Boy the water feels great. I am going to smash my swim for the Las Vegas tri. I am so much faster now than anytime this year.

Friday-Run intervals, Saturday long ride of about 35 miles, and Sunday brick of short bike and long run.

INFO---Since this week I couldnt think of anything to research I decided to write a little bit about injuries. Since I have been exposed to the blogging world and I am in touch with many endurance athletes, I am alarmed at the unnecessary amounts of tedious injuries around. If we are in proper "condition", if we are properly rested, if we are properly nourished, and if we have a healthy game plan we should be able to do all this work WITH NO PAIN. Thats right I said it NO PAIN. What if I have pain then what do I do? Well my friend at redhead has the perfect idea. See a physical therapist. It was just a funny coincidence that I was going to blab about this topic I just read happed to read her post for today. The fact that her PT has NO EXPERIENCE with running is alarming. (For what is worth, I would suggest she finds one that does). Afterall, the informed consumer gets what they are looking for. Sorry redhead I dont think shes your gal. Here is my diatribe on PT: According to the American Physical Therapy Association, PTs are trusted health care professionals with extensive clinical experience who examine, diagnose, and then prevent or treat conditions that limit the body’s ability to move and function in daily life. (APTA). Your therapist should give you a thorough evaluation and if you are a runner then they should analyze your running. Every session you should see THE PT who evaluated you and he or she should be progressing and managing your program to fit your improvement every visit. Your treatment should also be EFFECTIVE. You should notice a significant change right away with regard to pain, strength, motion, or function. Patients have every right to find a PT who is trained to handle this population of people. Call places and ask the front desk person if any of the PTs there are an endurance athlete and if they claim to be ask them some questions. As far as redhead is concerned how long a marathon is a good question. (I am embarrassed by my colleague by the way) They can be very effective in your training. Some of them may even be a coach as well. Whew ok, no research today but a little info anyway.....

"Believe in yourself, know yourself, deny yourself, and be humble."
- John Treacy's four principles of training prior to Los Angeles 84

If you need help....find a PT near you!!


Karl Stutelberg said...

YOu probably have many routes already but I thought of a good brick in preparation for Siverman. Bike the Anthem loop 3 times, then run it once! It would probably be a good 2.5 hour workout.

Morgan said...

Believe me, I took what she said with a grain of salt. I mean overall she gave me some great stretches and strengthening exercises to do which is basically all she was good for after I realized she had no idea what my body was enduring training. I'm going to go back for two more sessions just to see how I'm progressing with the exercises and then I'm cutting the purse strings. Ironically enough my annoyingly frustrating general practioner that I initially went to for all this (because I need a referral to go to a specialist with my crap insurance)gave me a referral to this orthopedic but not to one that I asked him for that I had already gotten a ton of positive referrals from friends and fellow runners. I believe that my doctor and the orthopedic place her referred me to must be affiliated and that's why he wouldn't give me a referral to the place I specifically asked for. I'm going to change my GP and then get a referral to the other place if this continues to be a problem. Thanks for the support and words of wisdom!

B.o.B. said...

First, thanks for posting this info. I am hoping not to need it, but who knows. Injury strikes everyone.

Second, thanks for getting my Spaceballs reference. Not everyone did!