Sunday, October 11, 2009

Im thinking about that roller coaster....

and I am indifferent. I should be excited but for some reason I am not. I am definatly not seeking comments. This is a training diary and this is the place I put things that others do not get to hear. I have had a big week personally and training. Again training blog. Here is how my week went:

Monday rest
Tuesday-Longest swim to date. 2250 meters (45 laps) in 56:12. Here are my 250 meter splits. 5:48, 6:00, 6:18, 6:20, 6:14, 6:16, 6:16, 6:26, and 6:37. Ave 6:15. I am proud of this swim. I am getting better at my pacing and a pool isnt a great place to have that. I felt fatigue or trouble. As I get closer to the race the only swimming related issues are water temperature and wet suit. I have swam a lot this year in cold condition. I realize now how crazy I was to get in the water in Jan/Feb this year. At the end of the day I am prepared for the swim.
Wednesday-Easy 4 mile run. 37:52 ave 9:28.
Thursday-Hill repeats on the bike. 27.59 miles in 1:49. I went over the end of the race course and some neighboring hills. I attacked all of them. I got after these hills. I am climbing so much better. The last 10 miles of the race course are going to be rather easy. I used to struggle with these hills and now they are nothing compared to Northshore or the river mountain loop trail.
Saturday-Longest brick to date. Bike/run. 42.33 mile bike followed by a 5 mile run. All bike miles were on the race course. That means hills, hills, and hills. I attacked and battled like I am going to have to come race day. I did not climd the sisters again. I thought about it during the bike and run but may be I should just walk them on race day anyway. Here I have tried these hills many many times and I am not able to climb them. 1 time on the first of the three I climbed it but I am not optimistic . If I am going to walk them anyway how about just save the legs and walk it from the beginning? It sure feels like chicken shit thing to do but I thought I would be climbing them by now. The Run was VERY hilly. Not race course but steeper hills than the race course. 5 easy miles to practice changing them biker legs for runner legs. Bike took 3:10 min followed by a run of 57:40. 4 hours 10 min total with slow transition. My legs were not that tired. Musculoskeletally speaking my lower back was the limiting factor. I need to hit some back/pelvic stability exercises hard this week.
Sunday (today)-Long run. I was looking for a run of approximately 1 hour 30 min to 1 hour 45 min and roughly 10 miles. Here is what I got. 1:46, 9.29 miles. VERY VERY steep hills, not one flat surface. i had many hills remind me of a race I did in Palos Verdes, CA. Gnarley. Grind it out. I am sore and tired. My calf is most sore. The north sister was included on my run today.

So why indifferent about a successful week of training? I am just sore and tired and this many miles are lonely. If I had a training partner and I didnt need to do both days back to back. May be I would be pumped. I believe that I am ready for the race and I am not sure if this distance is my max. It sure feels like it. I am doing things weekly that I never thought I would do and I am pounding things out but do I want to anymore? Im sure this is a temporary mind set but as I work my ass off I wondering what the hell am I doing to myself? How bad do I really want this? its cold, its long, im tired, Im sore, my knee and calf hurts....what am I doing to myself? To answer your question Hiedi Silverman Half Iron distance Nov 6, 2009.

2 more long weeks, then taper, then race and kick this races ass. then what? I am thinking about that a lot. What will I attempt after this race?

The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling. ~Lucretius

I know that I am busting out of the old me one drop at time but the way i feel right now ....SUCKS


Chuck said...

Good job last week. I believe that you are just going through a bad patch. Keep grinding!

Coach KBeans said...

It's definitely hard work. But everyone does have a plateau. It wouldn't be a horribly bad thing to know your limits and have a distance you perform well at. Look at how much you've accomplished in just the past year! You've come so far. Attack this distance, see how you feel after racing it, since we all know that is much different than just how it feels during training, anf then decide where you feel good. Then, continue at that distance, and *very gradually* increase if you want to. But be confident and joyful where you are right now, because you have done so great!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Im thinking that you need more than one post a week. I need more to read! (And kill time)