Sunday, October 25, 2009

big miles + gorgeous weather=Good weekend

Here in the good ole state of Nevada, more specifically Las Vegas the weather has been gorgeous. No wind, light breeze, and sunny. Start out the training with sleeves and finish slightly warm. Here is how things went since Wednesday.

Thursday-long swim, 2500 meters. 250 meter splits (5 laps) 5:46, 6:00, 6:03, 6:04, 6:10, 6:12, 6:06, 6:10, 6:13, and 6:24. 1:01:13 total.....Ave 6:07. Longer than the race distance, very comfortable with that pace and more consistent. Felt good.
Saturday-Brick bike/run. 51.03 miles in 3:37, 9:48 T1, and run 7.14 miles in 1:24. Total 5:11:56. I never thought I would ride from my house to boulder city. I even took the long way home to make sure I found some hills to climb. I felt great on the bike. No back pain, no fatigue. T1 took a lot longer than I normally would have. The run got very hot. I felt strong and converted to running legs in a about 1.5 to 2 miles. My longest run after a ride that distance. I feel ready. I am anxious for it to be here.
Sunday (today)-Long run, 10 miles. I would have liked to go a little longer but the way the schedule has gone it wasn't in the cards. I will settle for a 68 miles this weekend. There are no time results as there were some technical difficulties. I was sore and tired but got them in.

Im ready, lets do this already. I have one more brick next weekend a swim and a bike. Hopefully the weather will stay consistent and mild. I have a low to moderate week and begin a slight taper. QUOTE:

A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore.
Yogi Berra

Just thought I would mix it up.


Chuck said...

Awesome job! While reading this post....I really like the positive attitude that I am feeling. All of the hard work is behind you now. You are ready!

Jon Gilchrist said...

very nice training weekend. SOunds liek you are feeling good and strong.


Shannon said...

It's getting closer.....keep it up...STRONG!

Coach KBeans said...

Good Job!!

I just posted how gorgeous the weather was too! It has been so beautiful here. I'm loooovin' it.

PS. I'll be volunteering @ set-up and on the run course for Silverman!

Morgan said...

Look at you go! I did a 22 mile bike ride yesterday and I thought of you!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work!!!

IAN said...

Sounds like you are ready!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Ian is right. "Sounds like you are ready." I would rethink that brick next weekend. Give yourself some time to rest and prepare. If you do it I would make it a mini-brick, like an hour on the bike and 30 min run. Remember, you want to be healthy and fresh on race day! You deserve a break today!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You're still going strong, keep up the momentum, it'll be here before you know it!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Mr. McCall from the American Council on Exercise has some advice: “Exertion pain comes down to three words: ‘Suck it up.’ ”

Read the article here:

Keep movin forward!