Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thirteen mile thursday...

I thought in light of last weeks groans that a mid week post was in order. My wife has been bitten by the tri bug and was not going to race by herself at the Las Vegas Triathlon this sunday. So I agreed to race with her. I went to my schedule and moved things around to fit in this race. I decided to make it an all out sprint. I have only done one sprint and it was in CA. This race will be an all out speed workout. Should be fun. In changing my schedule around I decided to go without my long bike this block and move my long run to thursday to try to be as fresh as can be for sunday. Really 13 miles on thursday? Never done that before. I decided to run the Silverman course. The weather was perfect. The wind was down, as was the temperature. So nice. Here is how my week has been so far.

Monday-1750 m Intervals. here is where my week turned around. I had a great swim. I am getting how I swim faster, Its been fun. A total of 35 laps, 5 off then 5 on. Here is how it went. 6:09, 5:41, 7:19, 5:43, 7:55, 5:44, and 7:18. I was so pumped about the consistency of the "on" intervals. Face down, elbows up. Those are my cues.
Wednesday-I wanted some hills before my long run and may be have some sore legs to start. I was going to hammer this ride but 2 miles in big ugly flat. I was going to do 2 loops with the sisters in there twice. Didnt happen. I ended up with a rest night to get ready for the silverman run course.
Thursday (today)-Silverman run course. I woke up a lot during the night. I have not been sleeping that great. I have been to bed early now 5 nights in a row. I woke up ready to go. Got to the multi-generational center (where the race transitions to run) ready to go at 5:30. By the time you get to 4 miles you have climbed for about 3 of those miles. Tough to do when "you have to go." There isnt anywhere to go and I had to hold it a long time. I made my stop and out on my way. I was miserable but nothing said stop. I just tried to suck it up. Then when I got to about mile 8 my R knee started in with an irritated IT Band insertion. I was able to get all 13 in. I was hoping for a better run but ultimately, all things considered, not horrible. Got it in. A very slow 2:30. Still that was 2o min faster than the race last year but I was hoping for better.

Considering using my TT bike for the first time in a race to see what happens. I have to change that flat. Who knows. Quote:

“Consistency is the quality of a stagnant mind”
John Sloan

Well may be the roller coaster isnt so bad then.


Christi said...

Good luck to you and your wife! I hope you both rawk it out on Sunday!

Congrats on the swimming! My cues are the exact same as yours! I hope my swimming becomes more consistent also!

Krista said...

Have fun at the race in Vegas!!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Good luck on your race, have fun! What's the plan for Saturday?

Chuck said...

Best wishes to Julie and you this weekend! I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

Your training is going great. You are in the best shape of your life. Stay relaxed and enjoy the race!