Sunday, November 16, 2008

INexperience rears its ugly head

ok here are my mile splits from my run today.....

10:13 (10K of 58 minutes and some change)

Did I go out a little fast? LOL...WOW...Karl I am sure your laughing. I have a good mile time on Saturday which gives me info on whether or not I am on pace for my goal at Vegas. Im more than on pace I just dont know what to do with it....LOL. After reanalyzing the info provided my VDot I am going about this long run all wrong. I need to slow down a bit. Turn it on for the race. Funny....

My dad is running his mile time trial to find his pace on Tuesday. Then we will see where him and I are in preparation for Vegas. We want to pull each other to sub 2:10.

Watched the Ironman lake placid, NY this morning and I am pumped for the next push to multisporting. Also had a very encouraging conversation with my wife about the whole thing too. Full speed ahead after Vegas. After Vegas we will begin an official program to get ready for a spint. Where she goes from there she doesnt know. Im looking forward to 2009 even more fit than 2008.


Karl Stutelberg said...

That run you did the other day was probably the best learning experience you have had so far if you look back and dissect it (which I did). If you were going out for a 10 mile run then, yes, you went out too fast! But if you look at your splits you learned some valuable information on pacing. You learned what your THRESHOLD PACE IS (9:25)! This is that pace at which any faster and you start to produce more lactate than you can buffer very rapidly (some describe this pace as: comfortably hard). If you plug in that 10k time to the VDOT calculator it predicts a half marathon time of 2:08:33. Now you know know what your threshold pace feels like. You don't have to run for an hour at that pace in training as it may take too long to recover, but any time spent at that pace is beneficial (20-30 minutes once a week is perfect). As your fitness improves so will that comfortably hard pace. So even for a threshold run you went out too fast 9:16 (should have been about 9:30) but now you know. Going out too fast is a mistake that many runners make, not just rookies. Just don't let it happen on race day!
I also saw your mile time trial which I think was around 7:50? What the VDOT information tells me is that you still have lots of potential to improve your half marathon time, but probably not by Vegas. That 10k time of 58:00 is a better predictor because it is closer to your race distance. What that mile tells me is that soon enough you will be under two hours!

Karl Stutelberg said...

One more thought.
There is really only 3-4 paces that you need to train at. 1. Easy/Long run pace which is +or- 30 seconds 2. threshold pace 3. interval pace.
You could add in a 4th which would be race pace, but for a half marathon it is about 15 seconds per mile slower than threshold pace.
I hope some of this gibberish helps.