Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little lazy....

This weekends softball tournament took it out of me. We did ok, 3-2 but it took its toll. I got my run in on Sunday but it was miserable. Wind, cold...I was tired and very sore. I didn't nourish either so I was hungry. I did the same run as last week but in reverse I knew I didnt have the hills in me. Chose sleep on monday am instead of long swim, and julie and I talked ourselves out of recovery run in lieu of dinner and a movie no tuesday (madagascar 2....really funny.) Rest again on wednessday, but run today. 3.14 miles in 30 min with a couple of hills. My plan is saturday to do a time trial of 1 mile and plug it into a formula that will give me an idea if I am ready to keep my goal pace at Vegas. Softball tonight, my last week for a while.

1/2 of my "followers" require some definitions and I hope this helps if it doesnt let me know.
Sprint triathlon=0.5 miles swim, 12 mile bike, and 5K (3.1 miles)
olympic distance= 0.75 mie swim, 25 mile bike, and 10K
1/2 iron man or silverman= 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 1/2 marathon 13.1 miles
full iron man or silverman=2.2 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and full marathon 26.2 mile run
silver man vs. iron man is the same as coke and pepsi
intervals are a speed workout designed to work at a hard pace for shorter times but slowly build the amount of times you go faster
hope that helps stevo......

The silverman of nevada was here this weekend and is was rough. My goal was shaken since it will be grueling. The swim was postponed an hour and a half for wind and rain. The lake was very very choppy. The ride was cold, wet, and windy....most cant prepare for that. Utter misery. What they will have to be sure of is training for hills on that bike. Boy narley hills and lots of them. Winds through henderson via prominant hills. The run a 13.1 mile loop around the GVR/Multigenerational center. if you did the full-2 times around. Very steep hills. I want to run them myslf to put the garmin (my GPS watch aka my virtual partner) to work and figure the hill details. I realized that my times and expectations cant be with the top amatuers (yes there are pros there) but with my fellow clydesdales. A clydesdale is a racer over 200 pounds and they have a special category for us since we cant compete wtih the little guys of the world. The clydesdale winner will race a sub 6 hour 1/2 silverman (5:55 to be exact). He swam for 40 min, bike for 3;20, and ran a 1:30 min 1/2 marathon with transitions in between. Some 45 min to an hour behind the overall winner. Now I will be happy to finish...Just to DO it.

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