Sunday, January 16, 2011

Always good to have a Refresher....

A refresher? I just returned from an action packed trip down to california for the USATF level 1 coaching course. I have to pass the test in order to be certified but I don't think that will be difficult. I learned a lot. I did not grow up around a track. I know a lot about running but not track. I got more in depth knowledge of managing energy systems, periodization, and form running among a lot of other things. I am a biomechanics lover and I got plenty of them too. Hurdling, jumping, throwing, and even running are more clear to me now. I also got spend a few days with my good buddy Karl. He is a gifted runner and a genuinely good person. I enjoy our time together. I love talking running with him and I cannot wait for the next running endeavor we embark on.

I realized how much my own running can be changed. I think about the different aspects of endurance training and the holes that I have discovered. I do not do enough coordination, I do not do enough form work. I could be more specific with my periodization. I am excited for some of the changes I am going to see and to see what changes I am going to make for patients.

I have been wondering what my plans for this year are going to be. I have decided to continue my progression to IM. I am going to race 3 half Irons this year. Beginning with RAGE. The first local race. The other 2 races I have not decided on. Other running races and smaller triathlons I will take as they come and use them as workouts. Right after the marathon I will start to build to RAGE. Here is how the week went.

Tuesday-Easy run
Wednesday-Pushed a run to hang out with my brother.
Thursday-Training run of 5 miles
Friday-Travel day
Saturday-Pushed a run of 6 miles or so. The class was 4-10 on friday and began at 8 am on sat. I couldnt get up. lol
Sunday(today)-long run of 8 miles. Had to cut it short. QUOTE.

"I keep my eyes fixed on the sun."
-Cage the elephant song lyric from 'Shake me Down"

Eyes fixed on the sun is going to my mindset as I get finished up on this marathon and begin the triathlon season.


B.o.B. said...

That's a good quote. I may need to use it since I'm starting on the bike. Please send me some clip tips as I busted my butt yesterday. LOL!

Ulyana said...

That's great. Three half ironmans and training to be a coach. Excellent goals that will turn into better accomplishments.

Katie said...

Love that song!!

Awesome about the coaching, I'd like to do that someday too.