Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing my new running partner....

His name is Sully. Sully is a weimeraner. He is a very good boy. He has learned by watching the other dogs how to go the bathroom outside, use the doggie door, and not to mess inside. He is only 7 weeks at this point so he is not ready for mileage but I will bring him in slowly. He will require daily exercise so we might was well hang out. This breed is VERY smart. They can be trouble if not trained and exercised appropriately. I am pumped. I wanted a big dog my whole life and now Sully is here ready to be a part of it. Puppy 5ks here we come! here is how my week went:

Tuesday-I had a "skin" issue that was not resolved. REST.
Wednesday-Pushed a 4 miler because I gave a presentation on common running injuries and the newest trends in how we treat them. The latest buzz word in orthopedics is "Gluteal Amnesia." Anyone heard of it? If you want the handout just email me I would be happy to share.
Thursday-6 miles in. Good run. Exploring the new area and it is not flat. jus sayin.
Saturday-Long run stopped short by calf strain. It does not bother me now but I was afraid of pushing it too hard this close to the marathon. I am tapering anyway so what is a few less miles?
Sunday (today)-Rehab. Self treat this calf. Feels pretty good. I dont think it is going to be a problem.

Overall not a great week. It is funny. I am hoping that more rest/recovery is what I need. I have not met all of my "offseason" goals. I need to get back in the water. I need to hit the trainer at least. I am taking a more lax approach. Try not to get so uptight. I am wondering what this year will bring still. QUOTE:

“If it wasn't for dogs, some people would never go for a walk.”

Isnt that the truth.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

So freaking adorable!! Congrats on the newest training partner

TRI-james said...

Cute partner.

Christi said...

Great running partner!

Chuck said...

Sully is very cute! He is going to be a great training partner.

dmccurdy said...

Look at the size of those feet. He's going to be a big dog and will surely give you a challenge.

Heidi Austin said...

oooh man is he adorable !!!! looove him :)