Sunday, January 9, 2011

A SOLID week

This week was the biggest week on the marathon training schedule. I knew that this was going to be the week where I got things going in the right direction. It was a make or break week. It has been interesting how my body just wouldn't go prior to this week. I wonder if stress has something to do with that. I would tell it to go and it just wouldn't go. I felt tired and my brain just wasn't having it. The move into a new house is finished besides a few odds and ends, thank god. This week I went to bed on time, ate very well, and running was better. Hmm mm, interesting.

The question was asked what about 2010 introspection or 2011 goals. Well the last month has been so strange I couldn't get past it. I was really "sweating" my 22 miler. More on that later. I have become a bit shell shocked when it comes to my goal setting. I am stuck between what the race predictors say I should be running/performing, training to get there, and the place I ACTUALLY am. I still think and dream about IM just about everyday. My 2 half Irons have been a ridiculous course and I have wondered what other race courses would be like. I know I need a fast course to see if that distance suits me. I have to remember this endurance training is very different for my body. I have to cut myself come slack. This will be my 3rd triathlon season and everyone says this is the year that things start to speed up. I am looking forward to that. With my workout room at the house now available I will have a permanent place for my bike trainer. The old house had no convenient room. I will start hitting that up now that the marathon taper begins. I am going to use the taper to start to introduce biking and swimming. So for goals? I don't know. The big picture says that in order to step up to IM, I wanted to have at least 5 half IM under my belt. So in 2011 I am hoping for 2-3 half Irons, may be one more marathon? May be a few olympic triathlons? I don't know. Money for travel and entry fees will be harder than usual. My new location is less than 1/2 a mile from the river mountain loop trail. Basically, I live on the Silverman race course. The sisters are now only 8 miles from house. My new area is very hilly. Right now it is difficult but when I ran an old familiar race course I felt stronger.

As for 2010, I am proud of the year I had. I am proud that I went the entire year with personal records. I had running race PR's, I had triathlon PR's, I had course records, and I had distance records. I lost 30 pounds total. I quadrupled the number of runners and triathletes as patients. I have built up to about 1/4 of my patient population runners. I am proud of the example I set and yet, not satisfied. My PR's are significantly better but are not as fast as I want them to be. My goals also extend over to training. My training that is. Next week I am going to cali for the USATF level 1 certification class pending a pass on the exam. I also would like to become a CSCS. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I am also kicking around USAT level 1. I may still try to go to my annual pilgrimage to Charlottesville Virginia. The course syllabus was just released and it looks quite compelling. I don't know if I can miss it. Here is how my week went:

Tuesday-Ran 4. Trying to find my new 4 mile loop. I like to have a 4 mile easy run route. This one was not it.
Wednesday-Ran 8 miles right after work. I ran a big loop from work that including my favorite run from Silverman run course. Very slow but getting better I can feel it.
Thursday-Ran 8 miles early from the house. Tried a new 4 mile loop and ran it twice. I felt better than wed but the course was significantly more hilly. I really have to get stronger. I need to run these hills without it bogging me down.
Saturday-22 mile long run. I ran the Johnson loop with some modifications twice and then to complete the 22, a 1.3 out and back. I felt much stronger. I ran the overwhelming amount of time. For the last month that is a big improvement. I finished faster running this 22 than last years 20 miler for LA. Today I feel sore at about a 2-3/10. We will see how that goes for tomorrow. The weather was cold at the beginning but not as cold as my fellow bloggers from the east. I have read some very, very cold posts in the last few weeks. I am not complaining about our weather anymore. Quote:

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”


pauly99 said...

What kind of indoor bike trainer do you ride?

Ron said...

The neon green Kinetic.