Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Ironman 70.3 Honu: One week later...

I started this blog a few years ago to document this journey.  Every once in a while I go back and read old posts and think about the highs and lows presented in race reports.  But my most favorite posts are the one week laters.  Once the hoopla and emotion of race day wears off what does it all mean.  I am so proud of what this body can do.  I am most important proud of what this mind/brain is capable of.  Sure 169/226 in my age group isnt a great ranking.  So I am not going to wow anyone with the time.  I am not close to a Kona slot, some 3 hours slower than those guys.  Can I shave 3 hours off this time?  Lets be real, not in the next foreseeable future.  I am sure going to bust my ass to get there.  What I did do show up to a 70.3 with a rented bike and put up a 53 min PR in this distance.  What is funny is the only thing that was faster was my bike.  The swim and run splits were nearly identical to silverman.  Undertrained on the swim and swimming off course didn't help.  Very hot and burning feet was the only limiting factor on the run.  Fitter, faster, and still only one discipline was faster.  The bike course at Honu is not considered easy, the World Championship is on that highway for petes sake.  Just goes to show what the Silverman bike is like, ridiculous.  I will keep training the course at the lake and see what my bike fitness will be like.  It is a gift to be able to train these hills.  Some of my questions are becoming clear.  I realize this is process and a long one at that.  I am amazed at how I recovered.  The recovery gets easier each race this distance.   I had about a 2/10 soreness.  My skin was the only thing that was significant.

For the first time, in my heart I know this journey is progressing.   The way I wanted it to go and the way it has gone has been different.   Initially its confusing but eventually it works out.  My goals are working themselves out.  IRONMAN is beginning to look like a doable challenge.  My body is responding.  Leaner, fitter, stronger, more efficient, and the nutrition piece is coming into focus.  The half at PUMKINMAN is now the goal.  Secondary to that is Las Vegas Marathon.  Use the running program for Vegas to dovetail train for pumkinman.  For pumkinman I want to do some specific things.  For the swim I want to get into the low 40 min.  I realized that when I open water swim, I havent done any speed work.  DUH, no speed work out there =no better time.  I also hate the pool.  So I need to find a way to get faster in the water.  I think the TRIATHLETE magazine swim program for a 70.3 looks good.  I am going to try that.  For the bike I realized several things while at Honu.   Number one, I was one of a very low percentage of road bikes.  Tri bikes abound.  I am guessing 5,000 ave per bike.  That means 90 million dollars in transition.  I passed a bunch of them too.  How much faster will I be in aero position?  The tri bike is now in effect.  My back has been a lot better and I feel better physically making that change.  For the run, keep running.  My run is coming up.  I want to do a new VDOT.  I want to run a few 5/10Ks and I want to keep progressing that way.  Also, I want to do a few sprints for some speed work.  Funny how my run is the best its ever been but did not show up at the race.  I am not happy about that.  I want the Pumkinman run to be competitive  with my other 1/2 marathon racing times.  If I can do those things another PR is on the way.  

I had 3 runs this week.  3-5 miles per.  My legs are not back to form yet but they are close. Quote:

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
 George Bernard Shaw


Karl Stutelberg said...

You also don't do any speed training in your running either. I would be interested to see how you would respond to some weekly run intervals. Every week: progression run, long run, and speed work. Fill it in with some easy miles with Sully and watch the times drop. Also, VDOT doesn't mean a mile time trial. You can take a VDOT off any recent race distance. A mile time trial is an easy way to go, but remember it will always predict faster times at longer distances due to lack of aerobic endurance.
800m repeats with equal rest would be AWESOME for you, or mile repeats at 8:20-8:30 pace with 2-3 min rest would be great. Heck, even say 10x 400m repeats at 2:00 with equal rest would be an awesome workout. It will make 9:00 pace for a half marathon seem like a breeze! One workout isn't going to make it happen though. Once a week over 3 we're talkin'. Love the race pics! Beautiful!

Jill said...

I'm loving the smiles in those pictures, that truly shows how much that race meant to you!

Hey, you weren't last...and in race of that caliber, that's something to be very proud of. I agree with Karl about the interval training, you've reached a point in your training where it would be beneficial after you've base built for awhile (Me...I'm a loooog way away from that). I also think the humidity and heat affected your run in Honu much more than it did in Silverman!

As a running coach, we always tell the kids to train their weaknesses ... our genetics only allow us to get faster to a certain point, but we can always improve some by raising our VO2.

Love your reflections a week later..and so glad you're recoverying well!!

Hope you got my email a week ago...let me know. :)

B.o.B. said...

Such an honest post. I have loved watching your journey, even before I started "tri-ing." I really appreciate the support on my blog! I know you are going to keep getting better and these reflective "week later" posts are so good for seeing where you can improve and giving yourself the kudos you deserve. (BTW, your run stride looks great!)