Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pumkinman On the Clock and 10K PR

First things first.  My classes are open!  To check out my running classes click here!

The 1/2 Iron at pumkinman will be a different animal.  The swim is the same swim I swim all the time, the bike will be a different set of hills at the lake ending in a good climb to Boulder City.  The run will be through the streets of BC and will be a collection of long slow climb type hills.  It will be mid October so the weather should be awesome.  I will have some buddies to train with so the company will be welcomed.       This weekend marked the first training weekend leading up to this race.  This 1/2 will be a different focus.  I want to do a few things different:  swim faster, ride faster, and run faster.  LOL.  I am going to tweak the swim training.  If the bike split was the same but on the tri bike, and the run was competitive with what I am capable of, I would be ecstatic.  Thats the goal.  More on that as time goes by.  Speaking of tri bike I had 2 rides this week.  One horrible, the other not so good.  Its wobbly and hard.  I dont know if I want to continue the bike on this bike but we will see.

The Ambulance Chaser 10K/5K/1 mile walk was a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speed way.  Pretty cool.  The 5K 2 laps around the track and the 10K 1 lap speedway and up and down the drag strip.  Here are some pics:

  Here is how the week went:

Tuesday-Easy run 4 miles with sully
Wednesday-Strength training
Thursday-Training run 5 miles with sully
Saturday-Ambulance Chaser 10K.  My previous 10 PR was 55:16 or so.  I thought I had the juice for a sub 52 min race since Karl predicted 52 I wanted to be faster than that.  My Vdot says 48 min is possible.  I have had some good training runs so I thought it was going to be in play.  Here are my splits: 8:17, 8:17, 8:40, 10:05, 8:54, 7:35, and 1:59 for the 0.2.  The super slow mile came on the steep drag strip when the heat was pounding from the sun, the asphalt was radiating heat, the grade went up, and the rubber from the race car tires was making the ground sticky.  I got zapped there.  I think 3 min should have been shaved off.  My official time was 53:42.  My new 10K PR by 1:24.  Overall, a good race.  Minor soreness and fatique.
Sunday-Bike/run brick.  16 mile bike and 3 mile run.  My longest ride with the tri bike.  I am not sure what the think of that thing.  Aero is uncomfortable and unsteady.  It was hard and not as much fun.  The big gear isnt as fast and the little gears are easier to climb with.  Hmmmm.....just so different.  I dont know if I like it.  Too early to tell.  The run was ordinary.  Just getting some reps in.  1 hour ride and 30 min run.  QUOTE:

Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder. William Sigei

I am learning how do this, I need to that better.


Karl Stutelberg said...

Yeah, take 90 seconds off that mile with the drag strip and I would have been on the money!
Congrats on the PR!
Some advice: Combine the easy run days with the core days. That gives you a whole other day to work on something else (swim, bike, interval run day). Remember you don't need a track to do intervals. I will have to write a post on that soon. Wish I was there to put you through some good workouts. Have a good week!

Jill said...

Nice PR, that's nothing to sneeze at! Just be thankful you aren't me slugging through 11 min/miles :).

Good job on the weekly workouts, you are getting so much stronger! And I hope you have great success with your 5K class, what a great idea!!