Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beginning the build up

I looked forward to this weeks workouts.  I was excited to get started for pumkinman.  I have noticed a few things while resting/recovering.  I am starting to feel the lack of strength workouts in the last 3 weeks.  I wanted to get the strength workouts back in.  I spent the beginning of the week with a slight to moderate sore throat.  I made a decision to scale back the plans and be smart. I was able to get the triathlon training in, including a swimming time trial, I just didnt load it up.   I also, wanted to move closer to a decision on what I should be doing with my bike situation.  Here is the situation:  ok road bike, decent tri bike.  I am comfortable on the road bike but seems like I am missing some speed if I dont use the tri bike.  I wasnt sure what to make of the tri bike.  It is wobbly, there may be a brake issue, and occasionally has a misfire on the gearing.  I wanted to have a bad ride with it to make the decision easy.  That did not happen.  Here is how the week went.

Monday-Originally scheduled to have a TT swim workout scratched for sore throat.
Tuesday-Originally scheduled to have a 5 mile easy run, changed it to 3 miles on wed.  
Wednesday-I had to get sully out anyway....rough day with snot but got some work in.
Thursday-I felt very good today.  I actually wanted to get to the pool.  I did a 1000 m time trial in 11:36:52.  Then a few easy laps and then 100 m TT in 1:53:98.  These figures will be used to help with workouts and future fitness tests.  Speed cues: quality strokes on each side with fluid reach and pull through, facedown, and high elbows.   
Friday-By this time I feel great.  I decided to run some intervals.  1 mile warm up in 9:33, 3 min on/3 min off X 4 then 1 mile cool down. Goal was to be under 7:20 for the on and around 9:30 for the off.   Here are splits: 7:17/8:44, 7:31/9:30, 7:55/9:54, 8:29/12:04, and cool down in 9:24.  I felt strong except for the last interval.  Ran out of gas.  I think that is the idea.  Next week I will repeat this.  I am learning the fight at the end of the workout.  That is definitely an issue for me.  My legs felt strong but cardio isnt there yet.  I feel it getting stronger and stronger.  I feel like my miss on the end of the workout is an aerobic strength issue.  
Saturday-Long bike.  This was going to be a test.  We picked a route with some climbing.  I wanted to descend and climb with this bike and see what I think.  20 miles total, 10 miles out and back.  1,500 foot climb.  Looking at the numbers and comparing those number to what I felt I definitely need to spend more time on this bike.  I was a chicken on the very fast decent.  Not pedaling, not contributing to making the bike go faster and I went 38 mph.  WOW.  I wasnt even aero.  On the climb, I climbed easier and faster then my road bike.  I actually passed 2 riders on the climb.  That never happens.   K2 has earned one more week.  I do have a few mechanical issues that may be contributing to the lack of confidence.  Learning this bikes gearing and feel wasnt so bad.
Sunday (today)-Long run.  I am feeling very good and I thought a medium distance long run with some speed work would be a good idea.  So lets make it a progressive run.  7 miles.  Actual split (goal).  9:22 (9:30), 9:08 (9:15), 9:19 (9:00), 8:43 (8:45), 8:43 (8:30), and 10:22 (8:30).  LOL...zapped again.  No excuses.  The aerobic/mental strength not there yet.  I battled a lot more than I have in the past though.  The grade did turn back to up for the last 2 miles but I have ran faster there.  I just couldnt hold it.  Something to work on.  Long slow grades continue to get to me.  Just simply have to get stronger.  I did try out some new shoes today.  The assics nimbus 13.  A neutral shoe.  They felt amazing.  I had some muscle soreness but It was good to focus on mechanics.  Sore gluts, sore quads, and no foot or skin issues.  I felt really good just not fast enough on the end.  Quote:

   Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.  ~Cher

I am progressing very well.  Special shout out to Khadevis Robinson who was second in the 800 m at the USA championships.  Good luck at worlds my man!


Jill said...

Excellent job on the bike and the run, Ron! You're gaining so much confidence! I am super chicken on the downhill bike rides; all I can think of is: if I crash, this little helmet is going to do nothing for me. I gotta get over that I guess.

I went to PT today and had my ribs worked on and I'm slightly feeling better. My heel was nothing compared to this pain ;).

Keep being strong!

Karl Stutelberg said...

From what I can find KD's highest placing at a World Championship or Olympics was 5th in 2006. No American has made the final of an Olympic 800m in the past 3 Olympic Games. David Rushida is heads above the rest. It could be a race for second this year.

Karl Stutelberg said...

Sorry, David Rudisha