Sunday, July 24, 2011

defying the recovery block?

I have been thinking about this block and wondering if I needed to recover.  The grand scheme of the training plan for this 1/2 iron calls for a recovery block.  Life, the schedule, and the elements had resulted in in me not so tired.  Life interfered again.  There isnt much going on right now but here is how my week went.

Monday-pool was full....strength and core only
Tuesday-Run 4.  Felt strong.  Got through it...
Wednesday-pushed an easy bike for some time with the wife.  Got food poisoning.  Horrible night, horrible next day.  Even called into work.  I never do that. bed.  Should have ran but no way.
Saturday-Bike/Run brick-I wondered what I would have in the tank.  I still felt somewhat dehydrated and I decided that I would put my best foot forward and see what I got.  If I get into trouble I stop.  I made it through the bike a whole 5 min faster then last week.  I used tri bike this week and road bike last week.  I climbed so much easier this week.  It just does so much better on the hills.  I wanted to feel good but I didnt.  I started to get really hungry.  I have not felt hungry on a workout in a long time.  Even when the workout is 4 hours long.  After a hour and a half?  Hmmm...whats happening.  I got back to the car and began T2 and I started to get dizzy.  Hmmm....may be this is it.  It is now 7 at the lake with NO COVER......I have water.  The dizziness settles and i think I can go then about 0.7 miles in I get light headed and start to swerve....OK!  DONE!  I walked back and waited for the the rest of the group to finish.
Sunday-Open Swim.  Sully was CRAZZZY with his day off on thursday and he NEEDED to run.  I decided on a easy run of 3 miles then we swam 1300 meters.  It was very windy and I went all out.  Good swim.  Quote:

Jogging is very beneficial.  It's good for your legs and your feet.  It's also very good for the ground.  It makes it feel needed.  ~Charles Schulz, Peanuts


B.o.B. said...

Love that quote.

Maybe after the food poisoning your body was still hungry. Glad you got through that. Nothing sucks worse than being sick from food.

Good training I'd say.

Karl Stutelberg said...

Ron, I HATE the connotation of that word, jogging! I am not a jogger, you are not a jogger, can we just take that word out of the dictionary?
Glad to hear you are feeling better. This past week was a recovery week, unfortunately it was recovery from illness. Hope you are able to get back on the horse quickly.
More food for thought: If you go to the gym do you ever workout for 30-40 min and then go home? Why only go for a 30-40min run and then call it for the day. At this point at your level of fitness, you need to give your body a better training stimulus. I know I have said it before, but if you are only running 3-4 days a week you might as well go for an hour! Keep pushing your limits man, you have great potential.