Sunday, July 10, 2011

Las Vegas in the Summer

This time of year something happens like clockwork.  I struggle.  LOL.  IF your not out the door by 5-5:15 your in trouble.  I always have harder times keeping pace and going the distance.  This year is no different. No excuses just saying.  100+ temperatures and this week super muggy.  It is hard during but the fall I benefit.  So I am going to keep busting ass and getting work done.  Here is this weeks work:

-Tuesday-Training run.  5 miles.  Nothing to report.  Moderate pace, nothing to brag about.  Super muggy and the gnats are out, WIERD.
-Wednesday-Hills.  The tribike and I are getting along quite well.  I am climbing way better on it.  I am feeling very strong on the bike.  I just need to be able to have a good training ride.
-Thursday-Long run, since this is the end of a block and with other training scheduling issues I had to do a long run on thurs.  Woke up early out the door for 8.  Sully ran 5.5 and then I went the rest on my own.  I am really liking the new shoes and I am happy to be able to run in neutral shoes.
-Saturday- With the buildup happening slow today was kind of a wildcard workout.  My training partner was freaking out with the pumkinman ride into boulder city so we had to get it out of the way.  The reason its anxiety provoking is its a climb.  From boulder beach to what will be T2 is a 2,011 ft gain.  That does not include the north route on lake/north shore roads.  Its going to be fun.  This was the sprint course.  Since I would have about 10-20 min of down time waiting for the group to get there, I decided to improvise.  Hill repeats.  I did the big BC hill 3 times.  I climbed strong.  I loved it.  The first one was 12 mph, the second 10.5 mph, and the third was 9.0 mph.  I was definitely tired.  But got some good work in for sure.
-Sunday (today)-Long run.  This blocks long run was 10 miles.  So this was a 23 mile calender week.  Today was a pretty morning.  Breezy, sprinkly, and muggy.  I stopped a few times with sully.  He needed a water break a few times.  He also wanted to lay in some wet grass.  Quality time. He only went 7 which matches his longest run.  He pulled me the whole time.  He didnt want to go home.  He is an awesome running partner.  I thought I might need some stability so I wore my old shoes.  MISTAKE.  heals hurt, toes hurt, and my blisters starting coming back.  When I dropped Sully off, I changed shoes and it saved my run.  Overall a good run.  I was tired, hot, and muggy but I got it in.  QUOTE:

“I believe in getting into hot water - it helps keep you clean.”
 G. K. Chesterton

This heat training will pay off


Karl Stutelberg said...

Way to keep grinding out there in the heat. Those Las Vegas summers are tough. I remember doing long runs at 11pm. It was still 95 degrees but at least the sun wasn't pounding in me. Keep up the good work. It will all pay off in the fall.
Oh, and remember, don't worry about pace so much in the summer. You will be slower due to the heat, just keep focusing on your effort level and finishing workouts.

Jill said...

Remember to hydrate well in this heat! I landed myself in the hospital twice due to severe dehydration and the last time (2 years ago), my urine was dark brown and super thick and my urologist thought I had a kidney failure. Aren't you glad I shared that lovely visual??? :) Well, just be careful!

I hope you got my (lengthly) ankle ordeal email. I was able to run a little yesterday and it didn't hurt to touch it - but I'm a little freaked about the shoes and not sure what to do about Pikes Peak.

Karl Stutelberg said...

My comment earlier reminded me of a funny story from when we were living off of S. Durango. I had a loop that I ran from my house up to Town Center and Flamingo and back. I was out after dark but it was still 100 degrees. I had brought water with me but ran out about half way through the run. By now it was close to midnight and I was running by a Buffalo Wild Wings. It was about the only place open that late so I went in and asked the bartender to fill up my bottle with water and ice. He looked at me funny but satisfied my order and i continued on my return route home. Even at midnight it was brutal.

Heidi Austin said...

solid week! i'm so over this heat... summer is not fun here either... i'm ready for fall and winter :) thanx for cheering me on through PT school and all btw :)

Karl Stutelberg said...

Ron, have you ever tried wearing injinji socks? Whenever I go more than 90 minutes, espeically in hot weather, I wear them and never get blisters or hot spots anymore. Just an idea.