Monday, July 4, 2011

The Summer is in Full Swing

The morning time is requiring an earlier and earlier start.  I do love the run then go back to bed move.  The Las Vegas heat is upon us.  Some 112 or so during the day.  The bike situation is taking care of itself.  I am starting to enjoy it.  I am getting more comfortable with aero and I am in much more control.  Here is how the week went:

Monday-Swim speed work.  20 laps or 1000m.  4 off/4 on.  Here are splits: 4:31, 4:07, 5:20, 4:11, and 5:31.  Long pull, big reach, alternate breaths, I can feel the swim finally coming along.
Tuesday-Training Run.  5 miles.  There is missing data.  Filled in for softball.
Wednesday-Hills on the sisters.  With sore legs from softball, I still climbed with the tri bike.  I let it go on the downhills and it felt ok.  The way home had a headwind, and it was 2 mph faster.  WOW.  big difference.
Thursday-Training run.  5 miles.  Tired, slow, and sore.  Had intervals planned but was happy to get some miles in.
Saturday-Brick Bike/Run.  13 mile bike ended up short, 4 mile run.  18 mph average on bike, coast on the run.
Sunday-Long Bike.  30 miles.  Shannons longest ride, congrats to her.  Top 3 most windiest days I have been out there.  Miserable.  I stayed with her a lot but attacked some key spots.  I felt awesome.  I cannot wait to let this bike just go.
Monday (today)- Long swim.  1200 or so m.  Very windy, rainy, and a lot of waves.  I got some good work in.  Practiced all my new cues and it went well.  Quote:

“Most people give off as much heat as a 100 watt bulb, but not as much light.”


Karl Stutelberg said...

Glad to hear the tri bike is working out. Remember, if you can survive the vegas heat and wind you can handle anything!
1200m is a long swim? That's not even race distance!

Jill said...

I apologize for the 40 page hits from Colorado :), I am trying to link your Get Class website to my blog but no matter how many internet browsers I try, none work. Any ideas what's going on? Just says the website it not found.