Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fighting off a cold.....

Monday went for a long ride while fight off a cold. I am ready for spring. 14.33 miles nice and easy in1:12:52. The traffic on a bike just messes you up. 12 min were wasted on lights or safe decisions. I dont feel a limit on the bike except I need to adopt a more aerodynamic position to go faster. AERObars are in the near future. Tue did the "group" swim thing. Thanks to Julie, Joni, and Wendy for knocking me about and impeding my swim. 2 lap warm-up, 12 restricted laps in 16 minutes flat, and then 2 calm laps. I was knocked off course, I was prevented from stroking clean, and I had to pass and be passed. It was a good experience. Today did a run of 4.13 miles in 39:19 an average of 9:31. Tried to go a little fast for longer. Tomarrow swim, fri rest, sat dont know but at least a swim/bike/softball.

The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that precedes the victory.

Karen Bliss Livingston – Elite road racer, captain of the Saturn cycling team

sounds about right when I feel like crap.


Karl Stutelberg said...

you are an animal. I wish I could have been there to knock you around in the pool.

Karl Stutelberg said...

I have mentioned this before but I think you should have one long run per week 6-8 miles (at least an hour), then one day of intervals (total 4-5 miles), then one other easy day or progression run (4-5 miles), plus any brick miles (2-3). That gets you between 14-21 miles per week pounding the pavement. I am not a triathlon expert but I think you should be running at least 3 days per week, swimming at least 2 days per week, biking at least 2 days (one long day, interval, or spin class), 2-3 days strength training 30-60min. For a half iron probably at least 1 more day of each. Wait, how many days are in a week. Oh, geez that is why I don't do triathlons!