Sunday, February 15, 2009

ready for tritonman.....

A good week. Busy busy and didnt get a chance to sit down and write the blog. So since last sunday here we go. Monday was freezing and had to stay in and ride the bike on the trainer. A 35 min "spinerval" workout that ended up being a threshold/interval kinda style ride that was difficult and ended up spinning another 20 min on the big ring. Tuesday started my two-a-days. Swam 750 meters in 19:39 with the gloves on in the am. Right before the swim I did some strength training Lats/back/RTC. Then 2 miles running before softball in 18 min or so. I forgot my watch. Then softball. Wednessday was scheduled to ride but had Wendys birthday dinner. Thursday another 750 m am swim with hypoxic breathing in 21:21. In the aft 3.14 miles in 29:06. Friday rest. Saturday big 810 yard swim open at Lake Mead in 19:47. Very cold and I had trouble with my breathing. Transitioned to the bike and about a mile into FLAT TIRE. Turns out last weeks glass was still lodged in the tire. Took it to the bike shop and swapped it out. Sunday big 16.64 mile ride including horizon ridge in 1:21:17. T2 3:05 then 5.5 mile run climbing some hills in 56:52. The first mile was 10% grade. Small taper this week. Here are this weeks totals:

Swam 2310 yards and 810 was open
Bike 18.6 miles plus 60 min on the trainer
Run 10.64 miles


I don't think you can ever will yourself to win. I think you prepare yourself the best you can, get yourself in the best mindset you can get in, and go after it!

Jack Nicklaus - Six-time winner of the Masters

IM READY. Im prepared. The distances, the disclines, the hardwork is in. What I dont know is the race specific stuff. What will be like to swim with all those people? Will I notice a difference in the swim in the ocean? What about riding with lots of people? It will be an experience. I am excited and prepared. Lets do it.....I wil be a TRITONMAN

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