Wednesday, February 18, 2009

one last post before the race....

So Monday went to the pool and swam. 500 meters in 11:14. Some 8-9 min faster than my first 500 meter time trial. I am hoping for sub 15 min at the race. Tuesday easy run of 2.45 miles in 23:01 a 9:22 pace right before softball. I am going to run 3 miles tomorrow. I am shooting for sub 30 min 5k at my race on saturday. Tonight a 12.15 mile ride in 53:24 complete with hills and traffic lights. My goal is 45 min for the race. so altogether I am shooting for sub 1:30. With transitions may be difficult but thats my A goal. B goal 1:40 and C goal finish happy and healthy.

My plan is to work 3/4 day tomorrow, drive to Murrieta, Ca and hang with Julies cousins. Fri drive to race site and swim 5-10 min in the water, I want to feel it. Then ride a lap or 2 of the course to feel it. Then do a 5-10 min run just to feel it. I WANT TO FEEL IT. Then pick up my packet and do some shopping. Id like a new tri top. Something to make me feel good. Saturday kick ass. Sunday recover see how I feel. Drive home. DONE. quote:

The vision of a champion is a guy who is bent over, gasping for breath, dripping in sweat, when no one is watching.


my favorite quote of all time


Karl Stutelberg said...

good luck Ron. Go get em.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Ron. I will be cheering ya on.