Sunday, February 8, 2009

wet and cold day....not to mention the glass

Thursday, swam 18 laps 2 wu/2 cd...the other 14 were lung lap every third stroke an alternate breath, the next lap traditional and all 14 laps had gloves on. Read about a workout I will try next week "Fisting" closed fist and force the arms to pull. I was sick and I fought through the swim but I was pooped. FRI rest....Saturday straight 12 laps (13:48) in the pool then T1 to bike. 8 miles secondary to time but it was a familiar route that I shaved 12 min off. Rained the whole time and was cold. Then softball in the torential down pour. We only played 1 game. Today same cold and wet but no rain until later. I wanted to have a brick session today but some glass prevented that. I was about 8-9 miles into a awesome ride and a broken bottle was on the path as my tire sliced right through it. Could have been my first attempt at a flat change in the field but I didnt have my spare so I walked it back to the rondeveuz point about a 35 min walk then ran 4.16 miles. Didnt finish the ride, didnt get to see where this one trail goes and I didnt get to brick it. Oh well. Got the bike fixed and I even got my tool bag set on there to carry my spare tire so that is the last time that happens. Weekly total time:

swam a total of 2300 meters or 1.4 miles
Rode a total of 30.33 miles
Ran a total of 8.29 miles

More bike and more run this week while fighting off a cold. Way more miles than any of the schedules I was following more like an intermediate version of my first race. I found some new programs and I an going to steal ideas from each. So my weekly format is going to change a bit. Long ride on mondays, swim in the am on tue then run in the pm, another longer ride on wed, thurs am swim pm run, rest fri, open swim/ride on sat, brick on sunday. More riding and running in the weeks to come. I also modified my bike today by moving my seat 1 inch back to allow more "tuck" room. I am going to get some speen outa that bike. Must move fasta....quote:

"Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts."

Steve Prefontaine

This week took guts to get through...come on spring

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Karl Stutelberg said...

In July/August you will be praying for winter!