Thursday, December 18, 2008

what a wierd first week....

My first full week of training and I had to move my days around to avoid the snow. Thats right snow in vegas. Wed night off because of the snow and swim intervals tonight. A workout given to me by my friend Jen who is a club swimming coach. 4 lap warm-up easy pace, then sprint a lap for 1:30, if I finish early then I can rest to until 1:30 then go again X 5, then 2 lap cool down. Lap times were 0:59. 1:10, 1:17, 1:25 (stole extra 15 sec of rest), 1:25 rest 2 min then 2 lap cool down. My swimming is more fluid and I was flying those first couple. My breathing is hard after I turn around. No flip turns they require more practice. Overall Id grade myself a B.

Strength training when I got home. my first offical P90X workout of legs and back and I am Freakin sore. Very challenging. Very functional strength driven, with stability and balance at work the whole time. Looking forward to more challenging workouts with my DVD's.

Tomarrow Intervals running (if my legs will allow). Im shooting for 5 Intervals with a mile warm-up and mile cool down. Then saturday short swim and long bike, then sunday short bike long run. Then post =)......

"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can."

Lowell Thomas:

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Karl Stutelberg said...

Ron...try and think about training in the pool like running training. Pacing and breathing are very important. I would like to see more consistent times on more repeats. The first one can't be too fast or you start to accumulate too much lactate and cannot finish the workout. Better to be a little slow on the first and then be able to do more volume at a consistent speed.
I love how consistent you are with your training though. It is motivating to me! Keep it up. When is your first Brick workout?