Tuesday, January 13, 2009

back to even keel.....

oh boy.....this tri thing is testing me. Can I do it? I had a swim today at lake mead. My brother in law was a trooper. We put our wetsuits on and braved the cold. Yes it was cold. It was quite the experience. I swam MAY BE 200 yds may be even 250 yards. It was like I couldnt swim. I couldnt go anywhere. I felt like I was working as had as can be and I wasnt moving. The waves were crashing on my and my wetsuit was restricting me. More resistance than I can ever get in the pool. I was in the water for about 22 min and then I got my wetsuit off as soon as possible. I am learning a lesson I teach patients everyday.....not too high on the good days and not too low on the bad days. I dont feel like today was a bad day but I realize I still have lots of work to do. Its fun to look back and see what I struggled with before and then see what I am doing now. I hope in a few months a swim like today will be laughable. Going back to work tomarrow. todays quote:

"running is like life....a long frickin way"
some really cool calender my best friend sent me......thanks man

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