Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scheduled Rest Week

Last weekend took its toll. Sore legs and slightly painful knee. Havent felt the knee in 5 days though. Wednesday repeated last weeks hill repeats. 3.17 miles...7:56 to the hill, 1/2 mile up 4:24, 1/2 mile down 5:03, 1/2 mile up 4:13 then 7:52 back home. I was wondering if I can do a 5K in 25 min.....Thursday swim of 16 laps, 12 with gloves on, afterall its the closest thing to the resistance I felt in the wetsuit. Fri rest. Sat 20 min on trainer in big gear to poop out my legs before the MLK 5K. I ran 26:24. The plan was for art to pace us at 8:15. He I realized it I had a 2nd mile of 8:47....8:08 (1st mile), 8:32 (3rd mile). So a new PR for me in the 5K. Julie won her age group with a time of 27:14 and Susan my tech in her very first race got second in her age group with a time of about 32 min. Joni, jay, and cathy ran thier first race. Congrats all who raced. Sunday another open water swim. Much better. Same time about 22 m in the water but traveled about 400 yards. Tried to transition to bike but got 2 min in and noticed I had a flat tire. My first bike trauma. Its due for its tune up anyway.

weekly totals:
swam 1500 meters and 700 of those meters were in open water
only 20 min on trainers this week
ran about 6 miles including my PR in the 5K

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
John Wooden

so true, so true

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