Sunday, January 25, 2009

yeah Im definately sore....

I foreshadowed the week and it unfolds like this....Wed, 3.73 miles at 9:36 pace just wanted to get away from 5K mentality. SO I went a bit longer and slower. Thursday swim, 2 warm-up laps, 14 with gloves on, 2 cool down. I really think the gloves matches the intensity of the open water. Its the frequent stopping that doesn't make it comparable. Fri rest. Sat softball tournament 4 games. Not bad. My fitness level was remarkable. My teammates were walking around very sore and tired. I had a few more in me. I was sore but not till sunday morning. Sunday morning the running club met so no open water this week. But I went for a mini-sprint with transitions and everything. Swim at the gym 14 laps in 16:48 (700 meters, I was trying to do more on the swim since the open water will be harder than 10 laps in the pool) transition 5 min on the nose. had to go to the jeep to get the bike n stuff so a longer not so normal T1. 8.3 miles in 37:43. Nice to have a happy/healthy bike back. Probably need more bike this week. T2 2:29 seconds right on the money with what I will do during the race, Then 2.1 miles running. 21:16. Total continuous motion today of 1:18:28. WINDY, COLD, SORE, and not nourished or hydrated. did I mention I am sore?

weekly totals:
Swim 2900 meters or 1.8 miles but no open water
Bike 1:37:00 8.31 miles plus however I went in the spin class
Run 4.8 miles one long run and one get a feel for post swim/bike legs...WHEW
about an hour of strength
softball tournament 4 games

Next week I need more bike and keep up lots of swim especially open if I can and with gloves at the pool. My body is changing week by week it seems. We seem to have established the santa barbara half as our next running race. It fits perfectly into the RAGE tri where I will be making my olympic distance debut. As long as tritonman goes accordingly: QUOTE:

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway.
--Mary Kay Ash

boy that sounds familiar


Karl Stutelberg said...

Sounds like a good test this weekend. How do you feel after that compared to a half marathon?, which is about twice the total time and 5x as much pounding.

I remember a kid in high school that pole vaulted for us (Green Valley). I recall watching him vault over 13 ft (which in NV was pretty good) and the coach telling me, "this kid should not be able to vault that high, but nobody has ever told him that, and so he goes and does it anyway." He was one of the hardest working kids on our team.

Karl Stutelberg said...

what I meant is that there is much less pounding on the legs in the swim and bike. Less eccentric work involved. I think people recover quicker after a long tri than a half marathon due to the different nature of exercises. I would think you would be sore for much longer after a half marathon. The hard part is working for so long. How long would an Olympic distance tri take you right now?

Finally, I think you should be running a little more. Your long run should still be at least 8 miles in my opinion. You could also add some miles by running 2-3 miles after your bike workout once a week. I would think your weekly running mileage should be built up to 18-20. If you have one long run of 8-10 that is half of your weekly mileage, an interval workout that totals about 5 miles and then an easy day 4 miles, that equals 17-19 miles right there.