Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tuesday post

long swim on Monday....25 laps in 36:11..practiced going without breaths for longer...recovery strokes and techniques for when I am tired. Trying to mimic open water stuff as much as possible. No bike secondary to flat tire and today dropped it off for its first tune-up. For Tuesday no bike so I went to spin class. 60 min on the bike, not really like biking though. Good cardio mashed a lot but no bike connection. Had abs class right before it and then did some shoulders and arms after. Run tomarrow, swim thursday, rest friday, and softball tourney Saturday. Mini-sprint tri sunday?

(Front) "I don't do triathlons..." (back) "...I do triathletes".

Funny tshirt I thought for my wife?

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Karl Stutelberg said...

You are one busy guy, and I like to see that you have a purpose or a mini goal for each workout. Nice Work!